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Universidad Torcuato Di

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Universidad Torcuato Di Tella Universidad Torcuato Di Tella. Universidad Torcuato Di Tella is a private university in Argentina, founded in 1991 by the Institute and the Foundation Torcuato Di Tella and located in the City of Buenos Aires. With the mission to train new generations of business leaders, academics, social and political, has become an area of teaching and basic and applied research, based on the pluralism of ideas, academic excellence and equal opportunities. Today gives seven undergraduate and 28 graduate programs, forming a vibrant academic community in the service of society through the promotion of human values, intellectual challenge, the international and academic rigor. It has a 258 Faculty academic, of which 66 have full-time teaching and research. The training faculty is represented by: 80 Ph.D., 14 and 6 Licensed Masters.Carry out a program of visiting professors from the most prestigious universities in the U.S., Europe and Latin America. Make conferences and seminars open and free every week, which outlines the progress in the investigations of each discipline. Through the Financial Assistance Program, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella opens the doors for those high school students who have a high potential and need financial support to begin or continue their studies. It consists in the grant-in-annual renewal of a loan that requires Honor, as the only security, the honor and the word of the student. The University invites outstanding students to apply for receiving one of the scholarships offered for the academic year 2011. The rector is Mr Manuel Mora y Araujo, who assumed this position on 1 September 2009.


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Arguing with someone much more informed that I should find very useful, but this is not the way we are now. I made you my list of ‘bias’. I put in quotes because trials were reported before, but I supposed you were going to put a day in my time off I try to error Taliban. My biases are contained in these lines: “I have found no reason to stop being against nuclear power because they are made of fissile material for bombs, for nonlinear systems are very critical, prone to disaster (although I know has been improved and I am not aware that no solution), and because the waste they produce should not be released to the environment (even after a downward reassessment of health risks), nor has been generated for a management solution and risk-based aceptables. “I have reviewed the report from MIT on the future of nuclear energy and not find reasons for things that have me labeled as moderate Taliban, although in the four years have come solutions to three problems. I had my zithers for everything the pair of sources, but I have to look for life, which started to update my thoughts:
Evidence or rational arguments that nuclear proliferation is uncoupled from the nuclear industry. Not far from clear, and the authors of the report of an MIT choose to “abierto cycle, despite the problem of the volume of waste, mainly for this reason. Would list countries with reprocessing capacity (France, USA, United Kingdom, Japan and Russia) and I will list countries that have built bombs (India, Israel, Pakistan, Korea, ‘) but not on that list.
Information on the availability and feasibility of passive safety systems with the ability to reduce to acceptable risk of nuclear catastrophe. Anything else you put the example, because a mechanism of negative feedback on one aspect of the process is not equivalent to security in the complex, whose main weakness is in human behavior.
Evidence that it is possible to waste management in ways that ensure the safety (ie what is acceptable to reduce the risk of contamination, proliferation, etc.). And that without outsourcing costs, are consistent with the energetic profitability, social financial and production of nuclear electricity. Or, alternatively, that even if it is not economical, as it is a transitional option as part of a strategy to address the crisis caused by the massive use of fossil fuels. You say you take into account the long-term costs to ‘already done’, well, need to be measured and need to be taken into account, ie the result is taken to nuclear power, without ignoring or distort these costs is socially profitable (for the private profitability and leave enough outsourcing). Informame.
I admit the inadequacy of my education in this field to write articles on the topic, or why I did not have plans to do so, but I am not Taliban but that the authors of the MIT, it is clear that there are many problems to solve. Certainly a day to get the grade I need, I need your references, although ultimately before.
Other topics:
“The problem with radiation is probabilistic. And I say, Do you know what that means. Really, if you’re not going to read, I think we lose time. Trust me when I say that these things are rather than mayoria. Why not suppose that you have read ‘You remember that I have already explained several times, without seeming to have understood, that, contrary of what he says bluntly, it is rare that scientists are in favor of reductionism is that methodological individualism of neo-liberal ideology, but you look like you have not heard what you wrote.
Explained the mechanism of prions since Prusiner proposed as a hypothesis, and what a free radical. In fact autodepurativa capacity of the atmosphere depends on the hydroxyl radical. What do you exemplify ‘
Asbestos is carcinogenic by its chemical reaction with the components of cells, but through mechanical injury, which initiated cellular processes that can lead to cancer. Some mechanistic effects should be very dose-dependent (such as pleural plaques) and others (eg mesothelioma) should be all or nothing effect with a probability function, more or less like those produced by ionizing radiation. I speak from general concepts, but buscabndo’m a good review on the molecular and cellular mechanisms of action of asbestos.
You can not do as I’ve understood that I speak of substance then what do you reproach me.

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Malignant Mesothelioma: Pathogenesis, Diagnosis, and Translational Therapies by Harvey I. Pass, Nicholas Vogelzang, and Michele Carbone (Hardcover – Jun 14, 2005)