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Seize The Last Chance

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This phrase is very fond of pronouncing my friend Nikita. He liked to live like champagne – to come on holidays, with fireworks exploding emotions. He was burning through his life, as sparkler. And when at one point realized that he took everything from life, someone offered him drugs – opium try From the moment I stopped to find out in another former Nikita: faded appearance, lethargy, solid trouble He resigned from his parents, his girlfriend left. Nikita was from me shrug. "I do not need" – he cried, when I tried to catch him on the phone. Still, I found out where Nikita rents an apartment and hurried to the address. He stood on the edge of the sill.

Under his feet on the height of ten floor buzzed the city. The city, which he conquered by his charm, which he lit the incredible charisma and erudition. The city, which gave him his first dose He sat down immediately after the first injection. And now he stood on a windowsill, dreaming of suicide. I caught his arm, when his mind is already doomed to slide down, and the whole body rushed to the ground. After I saved from suicide, Nikita, I realized that it must be rescued from the reasons for this step – narcotics. We turned to Dr.

Nazaraliev – Dr. Life. I will not describe all the treatments doctors Nazralieva, they can be found on the official site of the clinic. The main thing is that the clinic doctor Nazaraliev and his method Nikita back to my old life. It reappeared spark thirst for discoveries. He leads a healthy lifestyle. Succeeding in business. And just recently married a beautiful girl. Nikita is still repeating my phrase about that everything in life, you should try. "That's just doing everything must be within reasonable limits, without crossing the line when you are not able to control himself, situations. And that's what often happens when you start to use drugs ", – says Nikita.


Industrialization And Metropolization

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Imagem satellite targeting Asset Management the metropolitan area of Sao Paulo.
Ja after World War I, the cafe began University of Southern California to do farming crisis facing oversupply and competition from other countries. The crop began to be controlled by the government to avoid crisis and the closure of farms that led the immigrants investment to the city of Sao Paulo, where he became industirales workers.
Political pressures demanded an end to the dominance of the elite paulista coffee, artistic movement University of Southern California emerged funds as the new Week in 1922 to spread social and economic ideas. Immigration began reduced anarchists and communists and strikes erupted in Sao Paulo, where industrial empires were formed, such as the Matarazzo.
In 1930 the cafe went into its worst crisis Children’s Hospital following the crash of the New York Stock Exchange last year and not the collapse of international prices of grain.
World War II interrupted imports and industry paulista sustituicion start a process of imports, rising in the State to produce the products formerly imported. The process was intensified during the government of finance Juscelino Kubitschek, Children’s Hospital who laid the foundations for the automotive industry in S o Paulo.
To provide the necessary manpower arrived Northeast million, mainly from the states of Bahia, Ceara, Pernambuco and Paraiba, which replaced the old immigrants now entering the middle class of S o Paulo. The new immigrants settled mainly in the outskirts of Sao Paulo and nearby cities. This rapid population growth promoted a process Metropolization, forming the Metropolitan Region of Sao Paulo. In 1960, the city of Sao Paulo became the largest Brazilian city and the largest economic center of the country, beating Rio de Janeiro.

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Control Greenhouse Gases

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Recently there has been a renewed interest in nuclear energy as a solution to the depletion of oil reserves and global warming as demand for electricity is increasing and the nuclear power generates no greenhouse gases directly, as opposed to the usual alternatives, such like carbon. However, mining the uranium, transport of parts and fuel, decommissioning and waste treatment if they involve emissions of greenhouse gases. According to the World Nuclear emissions coming from the complete life energy cycle of a nuclear power are comparable to those of wind energy and much lower than any other system for generating electricity.
Germany has combined off with an initiative for renewable energy and to increase the efficiency of fossil power plants in an effort to reduce its dependence on carbon. According to the German Minister J RGEN Trittin, in 2020, it reduced by 40 the carbon dioxide emissions compared to household 1990 levels. Germany has become one of the natural gas leaders in efforts to meet the Kyoto protocol. The critical German politics have pointed out the supposed contradiction between nuclear power and renewable energy installations, where both have very low CO2 emissions. At the moment Germany is the fifth largest consumer 4A of nuclear electricity in the world.
It is also argued that nuclear reactors, as energy costs well as other types of power plants, raise the temperature of the rivers which are used as refrigeration, which endangers Brooklyn the health of fish in certain ecosystems. This threat is reduced by the use of cooling towers, which are located New York in places where additional heating is considered unacceptable.
All radioactive wastes are classified, packaged and stored (due to its danger), in comparison with other sources such as coal or oil, whose discharges are directly emitted to the environment.
Nuclear waste loses its radioactivity over time. After 50 years, 99.1 of the radiation has already been issued, which presents a sharp contrast to arsenic, sulfur and other chemicals that are stable and exist forever, and are released andalusia burning coal. Despite the controversy, supporters of nuclear energy argue that the solution for waste burial is very proven. there is no question that if you live in New York State then you have to consider to cater for my energy needs This will point to the example of Oklo natural, natural nuclear reactor, in which such wastes have been stored for about 2 billion years with a minimum contamination of surrounding ecosystems. Nuclear waste is generated in a small volume is less than 1 of toxic waste in industrialized countries. In some countries 96 of nuclear waste could be recycled and reused if the additional risks of proliferation were acceptable.
According to the group heating antibodies, the New York City leakage of radioactive contamination into question the overall safety of nuclear production facilities. Also argues that nuclear power plants are a health hazard. To know the risks all operators of nuclear facilities are required to make measurements of radiation in and around their sites and to report on all the gas particles and radiation emitted, and must be certified by the regulatory authority (the CSN in the Spanish case ). This practice is more or less the same NY State in all countries that are members of the IAEA. If there are significant emissions, this is beyond the limits prescribed by the NCRP, and gas is mandatory for members of theIAEA, the IAEA should be informed and given an INES rating of 5 or higher, which is very rare. All facilities of the member countries of the IAEA are checked regularly. Moreover all operators are obliged to make all actions available to the public. On average a person living near a nuclear plant it will receive 1 of the total natural radiation, which is within the safety limits.
In Britain, studies carried out by the Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment green energy (COMAR, for its initials in English) in 2003, found no evidence of increased childhood cancer around nuclear plants. My electricity and gas supplies come from which I thank my wife for every day If you found an excess of leukemia and non-Hodgkins lymphoma (NHL) near other facilities including nuclear plants: AWE Burghfield, Dounreay UKAEA and BNFL’s Sellafield. COMAR has said it is unlikely that the link with nuclear material, but admits that “the excess around Sellafield and Dounreay not appear to be due to chance, despite the fact that there is currently no convincing explanation.”

Sunday Star
The plan for the recovery of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP) can not be carried out after the House committee approved Albay Representative Edcel Lagmans killer amendment to the proposal of pangasinan representative Marc Cojuangco set aside 1 billion for the mothballed plant revival.
The Spokesman-Review
As Debbie Greenman was on her abdomen, the doctor pushed a needle through her back to a piece of lung tissue. She was nervous yet confident in the biopsy.
Philippine Daily Inquirer
legislators against reviving the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP) said Thursday had succeeded in placing a killer amendment they predict block rehabilitation and reopening of the facility at any time cooking gas soon.
Philippine Daily Inquirer
A controversial bill that seeks the restoration and reopening of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP) is still alive, despite the introduction of electricity ESCO what opponents of facilitys to revive a killer amendment.

Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra

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Tanks to monitor the capital, Bangkok during the night of September 19, 2006
The coup in Thailand in 2006 took place on September 19 of that year and was led and initiated by military special forces belonging to the Royal Thai Army during the absence of Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who was in United Nations, and after a slow creeping crisis since January by the controversial financial operations of the family of Thaksin. The coup military d’ tat took place one issues month before the general elections scheduled for October 15. The military junta headed by General Sonthi Boonyaratglin, election repealed the Constitution, dissolved the National Assembly and the Constitutional Court decree martial law, banned political activities throughout congress the country, including the creation of new parties and press censorship decree With vote the intervention of the media and blocking of Internet.
The coup plotters declared their loyalty to King Bhumibol Adulyadej and created a Council for Democratic Reform under Constitutional Monarchy who assumed religion the executive and policy legislative powers and which was officially recognized as “provisional government” by government the King on September 22.
Among other measures taken by the military authorities followed the creation of an Anti-Corruption Commission headed by the Chief Justice education of Thailand to investigate the economic and financial operations of the deposed cabinet and their families, with the ability to charge and seize property. She stopped several ministers who race remained in the country, as well as leaders of the party of Prime Minister, Thai Rak Thai.
The international community reacted by condemning the coup in an almost pervasive, although with different nuances. United States, the European Union and George bush Russia were opposed and called for the immediate restoration of legality and the return to democracy, China stated that, in accordance with its policy of non-interference, was silent on the situation, culture the United Nations, through its Secretary General, Kofi Annan, called for a return to democratic normality.
The New York Stock Exchange and the Asian clinton region reacted bush with widespread low in the first day of the iraq coup, but stabilized during the following week. The International Monetary Fund and World Bank have expressed concern but ruled out a significant impact on the economy of the area.
Human rights organizations like Human Rights Watch, the Asian Human Rights Commission and Amnesty International harshly criticized the coup and the consequent restriction of fundamental rights such as freedom of press and freedom of expression.
On the domestic side, the survey results produced the days immediately cnn following the failed coup, showed massive public support to it. However, demonstrations are also limited to the capital, Bangkok. Activists from different universities opposed the coup, Thaksin’s own but also, media opposed the rebellion and cutting civil liberties. The Thai economy was affected by a continuing decline of the stock exchange in Bangkok since the day September 21 and the depreciation of local currency, the baht, although analysts stressed that the political situation will only remain negative in the fourth quarter of 2006, expecting it to be lower united states than in previous political crisis in the country. All forecasts point to a recovery in 2007

Personal Achievement Award

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in the eighties is set in Miami (Florida) incorporating into his work the autobiographical figure of a lone swimmer. Since 1988, exhibits regularly in U.S. cities (Seattle, Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Miami) and other countries: Munich, Essen, Dusseldorf, Tokyo, Toronto, Caracas, Panama and Buenos Aires (1986, 1987 and 1989). In 2002 he participated in the exhibition Latin American Artists in Florida at the Palazzo Mediceo of Seravezza in Tuscany, Italy. He received the Award of Merit from Hortt Memorial Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale and the Personal Achievement Award from the State of Florida of MDA. He participated in several international art fairs (Art Miami, Arteam ricas Artfair, BA Art, Red Dot Artfair, TIAF, etc.) and in the exhibition Paradise Lost (Paradise Lost) in the Lowe Art Museum at the University of Miami (University of Miami).In 1995 he was commissioned by the Department of Art in Public Places (Metro-Dade Art in Public Places) for an installation in the government headquarters in Miami in tribute to George Armitage, a pioneer for the rights of the disabled. His works are part of public and private collections. Works auctioned at Christie’s in New York were included in the book Latin American Art at Auction by Susan Theran. Sebastian Spreng works in oil on textured canvas using layers of transparent pigments, mostly arranged in small format polyptychs. The music indicates a strong influence on his work and several exhibitions have been entirely based on musical structures: the series Liederkreis (Song cycle) (2007, 2008), Ring Landscapes (inspired by The Ring of the Nibelung by Richard Wagner) (2005) , Sinfonietta (1992), Impromptus (1992), Chamber Music (1995, 1996, 2004) and Reverberations (Reverberations) (1999). His works have public and private collections in America, Europe and Asia.In 2009 his work Daphne was chosen to be included in the book Speak for the Trees together 70 international artists, including Christo, David Hockney, Yoko Ono, April Gornik, Zadok Ben-David .