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USA Mr Paraguayan

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As it is unacceptable from every point of view this ministerial decision taken, which greatly affects the process of converting the Paraguayans in the pride of Latin America with an academic background in two national languages such as Spanish and Guarani. Therefore through this means, ask for your support with the relevant authorities so that I can get its power to intervene and to restore that teaching as our Constitution provides. That request is the following institutions have joined Paraguayan sisters in the same sense of disapproval of the changes mentioned above, requiring that accompany our work to support proudly Guarani language of our ancestors in our country as we do in the country from outside. The Commission of the Paraguayan Center appointed representative of our interests in his person the Lord Juan M. Lukis, a great activist and patron of the Paraguayan community in New York, and likewise be appreciated if your office has attention to him. Sincerely, Ms. Margarita Sanchez EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE-Chairman Mr. Daniel Gonsales – Secretary General Paraguayan Center of New York Inc.

Flushing – New York Mr. Teofilo Acosta – President Mrs. Sady Acosta – Secretary Paraguayan General Cultural Center in Washington DC Mr. John B. Rojas – President Mrs. Doris Ramirez – Secretary General Paraguayan Center of Georgia Georgia – USA Mr.

John B. Correa – President Ms. Elda Ortega – Secretary general of the Paraguayan Center Miami – Dade Miami – Mr. Ramon Grissetti Florida – President Mrs. Julie Peralta – United Paraguayos Secretary General Corporation in Action. PUA Westchester – New York Ms. Nidia Casamayouret of Fleitas – Paraguayan President Center West Palm Beach West Palm Beach – Florida Pinanez Olinda – President Travel Oasis Queens – New York – Florida Milciades Quintana – President Paraguayan Association MDQ Norwalk – Connecticut – Barrero – PY Mr. Teofilo Acosta – Acosta Ms. Sady Radio Ecos del Paraguay Domingo Ramos Washington DC – Margarita Ramos ARSENIO Radio & Magazine Publications Inc. ERICO ERICO ARSENIO Valhalla – New York


New York Great

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All the vehicles that circulate around the half-framed drawn into squares one of streets of New York are subject to these cloggings, including the famous yellow taxis. In order to avoid to spend the vacations seated in the back seat of a taxi, it considers to walk until his destiny or to use the system of meter of New York. The cards of Meter are cheap in comparison with other great cities and they give access him almost to any point that can want to visit while it explores the Great Apple. Advice 3 – Clothes of season Although New York geographically is located in a temperate part of the United States, the real topography of the city can contribute to extreme and unforseeable meteorological conditionses. Like into many great cities, the presence of numerous skyscrapers in limited spaces can transform a stormy day in a gust of wind that gives the return to its umbrella. In the winter months, this fact has a cumulative effect in the thermal sensation of the local time. In summer, the great amount of land paved and built-up of New York lets to little escape for the heat and the light pave. Although New York even is to borders of the river, the inner zones can become quite warm with as much cement and steel.

When it plans his vacations to New York, it asegrese to wear clothes for any possible environmental contingency for station during which it is going to be there. Advice 4 Deje days without planning to explore New York In spite of the abundant supply of Tours guided and excursions organized available in New York, some of the most memorable experiences can arise by surprise. Between Tours and attractions at least, it lets a day to explore without fixed course. Although Manhattan can be the most popular district of the city, the visitors would not have to discard outer suburbs like Queens and Brooklyn. To take a walk outside " scene of pelcula" of New York and to wander about is a wonderful form to experience true New York and with the New York Pass (one of tourist cards of the city) it has the opportunity to enjoy the best attractions than it offers this city. Advice 5 good Comma The food must be forward edge of its itinerary, since New York gives to shelter to some of the more important restaurants and chefs of the world. In the opposed side of the environmental phantom, the street salesmen of food will serve tasteful one to him as basic foods of the New York cooking culture with an ample supply that go from hot small dogs and pretzels (salty cakes) to gyros or donuts. A small previous investigation will provide a list to him of restaurants where to live a unique dinner, independent of its preferences of kitchen or its dietetic restrictions. Original author and source of the article


Municipal City

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Five workers who live alone point an income of R$ 600,00, with exception of a worker who speaks in R$ 200,00. Others six point familiar income between R$ 1,000, 00 and R$ 1,500, 00. It does not have information of the excessively diligent ones. Catorze of the interviewed workers worked in the separation of the material in the occasion of the colloquy. One of them handled a press and others four are controllers that if alternate in diverse functions. The two visited Cooperatives have systems of diverse separation: one of them if uses of mat for the separation of most of the material and to another one it makes the separation in individual tables. The separate and commercialized material that arrives at the Cooperate-center is always collected and delivers for trucks of the Municipal City hall of So Paulo, having one cooperated that it folloies the passage of the truck.

Having a speech of that the city possesss a system of Selective Collection, it was of if waiting that all the city was served by this system of collection, but this does not correspond to the reality and very of the collected one it is provoked by phone calls of contributors to the Cooperate-center that includes in the passages the places that if make use to make the separation inside of the homes/companies in agreement consider the new law of Residues Solids. The material separate and commercialized by the Coopamare is all it fruit of retraction for the proper Cooperative, without support none of the City hall. Beyond the equipment for the separation (mats and tables), the Cooperatives if use of presses, pilers, scales and bags. The collected and separate material is pressed to facilitate to the pesagem and the commercialization. In the Bags those materials are placed that are not pressed. The companies purchasers are that they remove these materials of the space of the Cooperatives.