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6 Keys For An Effective Landing Page

Posted by adminNY on October 15, 2015
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First of all if you are an infoempresario, a trader, an artist, a public employee who has recently found on the internet a means to promote yourself this article is for you, I want you to read it and put all your attention to concepts that I try from this moment, I will introduce a concept that you’ll see much in the Internet business industry. It is a very important concept when it comes to building your list of prospects, through the people interested in what you offer, and those who enjoy your creations, your music, your writing and your ideas. I want you to know that before you build a list with success you must focus on having a page of capture, well known as a landing page or Landing Page, where the sole aim will be to capture the attention of your visitors, get their name and email address. In terms more goals, the only thing we want is that this page has power conversion, i.e., that for a certain amount of visitors, a percentage of them leave you your details and become part you list of new prospects. We will conceptualize is a Landing Page, is the Web page that a visitor reaches after clicking on a PPC advertisement, in a banner, an article, or a chart, i.e. are the target of an advertising campaign pages. Were to do you ask you why you do not go directly to a sales letter? It is very simple if a person isn’t really interested in what your offer simply close the page and there will never be this visitor for you, i.e. your never know, who has visited your sales page, opposite phenomenon when your visitor arrives at a Landing Page, which is specialized to convert these visitors into prospects, will have the probability that the visitor before closing this pageleave you your information and become a part of your list of prospects, complying with your big goal of creating a list of subscribers, where you with an email marketing campaign, have tried of convert this prospect to customer.

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Really Simple Syndication

Posted by adminNY on October 04, 2015
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RSS is a tool very useful for sites that add or modify its content on a regular time basis. They are especially for web syndication or activities that involve periodic updates and / or publications, such as the following: today, RSS means Really Simple Syndication or really Simple Syndication, and has 7 versions the following: 0.90 0.91 0.92 0.93 0.94 1.0 2.0 RSS tools refer to a group of file formats that are designed for sharing news and other web content. All these data are delivered in a XML file, which has the following names: RSS feed Webfeed RSS feed channel RSS usually shown on web pages with a logo is an orange rectangle that usually has the letters XML or RSS in it. RSS can be used to deliver any kind of information. Some of these contents include: Feed for Blogs each blog entry summarizes how a new content. This makes the blog entries are easy to be viewed by visitors and be able to make its points of interest.

Articles feed keeps readers alert everytime there are new articles and new content for the web. Feed Forum that allows users to receive messages from the discussion forum and latest topics. Calendar feed this allows users (such as schools, clubs and other organizations) disseminating the events and announce changes to schedules or agendas of meetings. Feed special discounts this is used to allow users (such as stores retailers and online) deliver more special offers and discounts. Feed of news monitoring this allows users to receive headlines or filtered news, since they are based on a specific keyword or a phrase.

Specific feed for food industry used by technical professionals in order to sell, promote, or communicate with current (and future) clients within their specific industries. RSS allow ordinary people to track numerous blogs and news feeds at the same time. To produce an RSS feed, all you need is the content or item that you want to publicize and validate RSS text file. Once your text file is recorded in various aggregators (news readers), any external site can capture and display your RSS feed, the update is automatic every time that you update your RSS file. RSS is a tool very useful for sites that add or modify its content on a regular time basis. They are especially for web syndication or activities involving periodic updates or publications, such as the following: News web sites used by major organizations such as Reuters, CNN and BBC News. Marketing The reports of failure Personal weblog there are many advantages to using RSS feeds. In addition to being a great complementary communication method optimizes the communication needs of various sectors, and you may also have huge profits in your business, especially in the field of Internet marketing.