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Euros Society

Posted by adminNY on December 31, 2015
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perhaps another espinita and the one that but hurts is the animal import of countries of the east of Europe, I believe that to this height it is little people to know the great cruelty this practices, the conditions in which travel, the great one I number of puppies that die in the way or after being sold by diseases that in Spain already were controlled. the cost of a puppy in puppymill of the east of Europe goes up to around the 50 Euros, those puppies are sold in stores by numbers between 800/1500 Euros, (it calculates that they enter an average of 15,000 puppies the year) perhaps the business of the century for stores but one of the cruel and deprorables atividades but that (in my opinion) I have seen in my life in the world of the animal .esta activity moves million, is why all watch another side but of course I am first who would make if estubiera in my hand, to totally prohibit the animal import of pupymills of the east. In the end it seems that the solution would be in the society, the regulation of the young and the import, it is a good step (whenever one takes control of a criterion minimum) but is not the solution far from it to the abandonment, the solution is in which our society evolves, is in the education and the value of our moral, if the society regains consciousness and evolves, if we ended up learning of the majority of countries where there is no abandonment and where everybody sterilizes its dogs, then we will see the solution, but for that the veterinarians deberian to collaborate and to inform correctly, besides agreeing to a reasonable price for sterilization, serious also good idea that the government retired the subsidy to the bullfighting industralists and its group (the annual total number of aid to the bullfighting sector in public money, goes up to around the 550 million Euros, almost 100,000 (one hundred thousands) million pesetas. .

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DBM Spain

Posted by adminNY on December 18, 2015
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DBM Spain is the Spanish branch of an international company/signature that counts with more than 40 years of experience in the human management of capital. In fact, one is the first company in the world of relocating of professionals ( outplacement ), with 230 offices located in 85 countries. And in his paper of labor consultant’s office, it counts on the knowledge necessary to recommend how to confront badly drink of the deprivation of rank and privileges. And, first of all, their experts aim that he treats, indeed, to pass page and to consider the dismissal like an incentive to find a work opportunity more attractive than that one than came carrying out. Although it is certain that the first effects can be very disturbing in the daily life of a person, always exists solutions, explains Alberto Cordova, partner-director of DBM Spain. the first passage of the professional must be to consider its profile and future expectations, marking the first landmarks that they induce to happen to the action, with the aim of facilitating the change of attitude and beginning a to think to future. And it is that, the DBM experience demonstrates that to structure an action plan quickly contributes to surpass the first moments that usually have negative conditioners and a high emotional component.

This is, in fact, the first stage of the plan Outplacement of DBM Spain, that contemplates to advise, to support, to orient and to follow the professional. Equally, the rules of work for the first weeks of the use process settle down search, defining themselves a customized trip ticket. the intention is to be reaching small profits that facilitate the attainment of the professional objective, continues Alberto Cordova, being as much the organization capacity as the continuous learning the key factors to achieve the success. Another option that can enter the labor perspective of any professional is to consider to work its own way like independent entrepreneur. It is possible to value the capacity of one same one, where it is the entrepreneur wood, what is what will help to be successful and with what will be had to have well-taken care of. In this sense, and to each tactical mission, DBM Spain it arranges a specialized equipment to direct the beginning of the business concept, counting on the support of external consultants in the areas mercantile and labor, in the procedure and concession of financial supports and subsidy to the creation of companies. The company Drake Beam Morin (DBM), founded on New York in 1967, counts with more than 40 years of experience in human management of capital, transformation and transition of organizations. They offer its services in 24 languages, and have taken care of more than 50,000 companies and 3 million people at world-wide level. DBM Spain, with delegations in Madrid and Barcelona, was created in 1982 with an equipment formed by professionals of different profiles that provide solutions to the people and to the organizations.


Spain Business

Posted by adminNY on December 06, 2015
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Like example of the good result that can be obtained with a made article or and or positioned, you can see that in this directory (Articuloz), the read article more to day of today takes by title ” Ideas to decorate celebrations infantiles”. This articleit has secured to almost 400,000 visits in his first 34 months of publication, which supposes an average of 11,700 monthly visits, that means to have had almost 400 visitors to the day. Like curiosity, this article has been published by the company 11811 that is a company that offers telephone information services through that telephone number. Centering us already in the last sector in that you can obtain traffic your blog, he would be the one that can arrive through a search in some from the motors search of the network, and for this it agrees to know that in Spain Google it almost monopolizes the totality of the searches which they are realised, getting to suppose 99% in 2008 and 2009, a number that until the managers of Google astonishes to them. Therefore, if you want to obtain visitors of Spain who arrive at your blog through motor search, the best thing is than you center your efforts in Google, and to optimize your blog so that to this it positions it finder in a good place at the time of presenting/displaying the results, and to obtain it you must consider that Google values of very positive form, at the time of positioning a site, the external liaisons which they are in other Web sites towards him, but ten in account that has arisen many policies in the network which they offer payment connections, and that Google tries to protect its business being tried of locating these practices that consider ethical little penalizing to the sites uses who them, which you could cause a loss of the natural positioning of your blog if you use them. In order to understand better the scheme of business of Google you can read ” The business of internet” , where the business model is explained that has developed Google and the tools that offer free of charge to the users so that we pruned to understand better the philosophy than follows the finder..

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