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Wurzburg Management

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Translators who have been assigned to the project, gain access to the documents to be translated. After delivery of the jobs in Plunet inserted the actual amount of translated words in the job and automatically assigned the appropriate translator. So easily, the project manager can determine which translator has translated what and how much, and receives valuable employee-related productivity indicators and monitoring functions. The responsible for the design of the interface technology expert Madeleine handlebar is convinced that the integration meets the taste of many translation companies and internal language services: “we have us in the further development of the interface very strongly to the wishes and needs of our Plunet clients and the industry oriented. Many small and large developments, such as the opportunity to choose when the project is built between desktop and server documents or the automated file export has been installed at the suggestion of our users.” About Plunet the Plunet GmbH with offices in Wurzburg, Berlin and New York, develops and sells the business and translation management software “Plunet BusinessManager”, one of the world’s leading management solutions for the translation and localization industry.

On a Web-based platform the system provides the perfect tool for business, workflow, and document management integrated translation software, financial accounting systems as well as existing system environments for translation agencies and language services. Plunet BusinessManager offers a high level of automation and flexibility for professional users. Various functions and extensions of businessmanager adapt to individual needs in the arbitrary modular system. The basic functions include, inter alia: Quote, order and invoice management, including comprehensive financial reports, flexible job and workflow management, scheduling, document and partner management.

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General Management MBA

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Responsibility first guide you kick-off to the career in economic life is after graduation for the most academics aim and challenge at the same time. Current industry knowledge and its successful implementation are the most important competitive factor today whether self-employed entrepreneurs or a large group. For this reason, the Technical University Vienna and the Danube have University Krems together an MBA developed the target, aspiring managers with technical scientific or humanities / cultural-scientific degree a business generalist training and its entrepreneurial implementation to enable. As a large, this general management MBA, which starts on October 9, 2009 already for the tenth time, a time structure that best ensures the compatibility of job and training offers plus for professionals. The lessons take place mostly Friday afternoons and Saturdays all day in the first two semesters, so only a few days absence from work required are. In the third semester modules on four days are (do so) divided to ensure that international teaching methods and problem-solving strategies from first-hand can be communicated.

In 2 semesters the fundamentals taught in most practical form, built on top of which the 3rd semester, which is dedicated to the deepening of certain themes. In addition, the deepening semester in English with renowned speakers (native speaker) is carried out. Highlight of this general management MBA is this semester either TU Wien, at Baruch College in New York City, as full-time study at a partner University to attend. DI Alexander Hochmair the opportunity to study in the autumn semester 2008 at Baruch College and describes his impressions as follows: the reception at the Baruch College is welcome and the tips are extremely helpful, in this city and the campus itself to survive. Baruch College is a dream, which can mean studying at a University. It offers in addition to the Things such as gym, indoor swimming pool, squash courts, a cafeteria with excellent food also excellent programme on mental level – as well as every day there are lectures by capacity from business and politics to current and interesting topics.

The uni courses can be chosen (almost) from a huge range and take place mainly in the evenings from Monday to Thursday to usually 1.5 hours duration. .. Very much emphasis on group work, which is also the integration of the exchange students to good. The professors and the contact persons for the students are extremely friendly and helpful and so friendships evolve because of the candid way of dealing of students and professors themselves quickly.” In the framework of the master thesis (fourth semester) is the ability to edit a project from the vicinity of the work.

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Central Continentale Cosmos

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Private patients, that can dispense with tariff on these extra services in the car or want to save on the post. However, there are mostly this preferential treatment, which makes private health insurance at many citizens so popular. Especially the Naturopathic enjoy increasing popularity and alternative medicine blossomed in Germany a real alternative to conventional medicine. More and more patients report of resounding successes of treatment through osteopathy, Bowtech, homeopathy, acupuncture, biofeedback, Rolfing, Feldenkreis, chiropractic and other natural remedies were previous medical treatments without success. Compared to the statutory health insurance, which in most cases no cost apply for alternative healing methods, most offer rates private health insurance, in which natural remedies in the catalogue contained up to a certain amount, even without limitation. For legally insured, which cannot go in the private health insurance, offers the possibility, to come on a private supplementary health insurance benefit from these services.

A list of large private health insurer in Germany, with an overview of the tariff is designed to simplify the tariff or contribution and performance comparison for insured leading private health insurance companies in Germany. More than 50 car companies provide is a competition for the approximately 10 million private patients in Germany. A cluttered high number of car providers, if compared to the statutory health insurance companies with hundreds of funds a small number. As in the statutory health insurance a growing concentration as a result of mergers and acquisitions is also in the PKV to determine, which should strengthen in the future. Although the PKV is the coming year of 2011 on more members in succession reduced barriers for the Exchange private health insurance should rejoice in that, leisden they see rising health costs (treatment, drug prices, etc.). In the long run only the large and economically employees health insurance companies are able to survive. Here an overview of the PKV provider without claim to completeness: DKV (German health insurance) DEVK Halle Barmenia Debeka HanseMerkur AXA ARAG insurance health insurance Alliance Insurance Signal Iduna of German ring Central Continentale Cosmos insurance Gothaer KV HUK-Coburg insurance inter insurance LVM Union health insurance Suddeutsche KV

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CAPP Knowledge

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Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) efficiency in the maintenance of their subways that are Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) is the largest municipal transport company in the German-speaking. The maintenance of passenger and commercial vehicles is an important task to ensure the operation. Alone for the Metro 660 employees at four locations perform maintenance, i.e. the maintenance, inspection, repair, and improvement of vehicles. Also used on a majority of vehicle assemblies and vehicle equipment in the four workshops, individual components are manufactured themselves. To increase transparency about the plans to improve the efficiency in the maintenance, the locations of the Department the U-rail workshops were merged by the organizationally BVG, the preparation is now centrally managed. And one of the first tasks was to create transparency about the numerous content and formally very different work plans as a condition for the optimization of the work plan. Goals were a regulated transparent process for the creation, management and maintenance of work plans, a uniform data base both for the production/PP as also the maintenance/PM, a single, modular, and construction group-oriented work plan structure, as well as a significantly lower expenses for the maintenance of work plans, as well as for the determination of standard times.

On such a basis, then a time planning software is how meaningful use CAPP knowledge of Munich-based IT service provider DMC, so Robert Opitz, head of production planning and logistics at the BVG area underground workshops. The SAP add-on fulfilled the requirements of the BVG on the IT support in the preparation, including a central create, deploy and maintain steps/tasks to the figure of maintenance measures, taking into account various criteria such as component, vehicle series, plant, material number together with a corresponding search or selection function, the multiple use of single (sub) operations in different parent Operations/work plans or a change history. Introducing software served as a good occasion for the unification and centralization of the scheduling and the drastic reduction of the circle of those entitled to change, so Opitz.

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Central America

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It also raises a new international work; a railway that would link Venezuela with the Pacific Ocean and which could be extended towards the South or Central America. However, between the two must have been some negotiation about the FARC, which will not be shown both to the public. Both rulers they wanted to go towards the oldest guerrilla disarmament in the West. However, Uribe seeks to humiliate them and crush them to consolidate an economic model that security and incentives to private capital. Chavez, on the other hand, would the FARC to legalize but without having been defeated and to be able to become an electoral force of democratizing left (or part of it) as it has happened with those who before were branded as terrorists in Central America or South Africa.

Both coordinate Rune luck of tandem. Uribe is whacking and Chavez is the carrot. However, the purposes that Caracas and Bogota have are not the same. Uribe would repeat the Peruvian way so that the defeat of subversion is hard and allow a historical cycle of Governments pro-NAFTA. Chavez, on the other hand, wants a departure that involves social and political concessions to the guerrillas in order to open up the possibilities for Colombia ceases to be the right-wing rock South and step to a subsequent center-left Government.

Meanwhile the current reconciliation between these two conflicting neighbors will regain their crisis. At the moment both it suits them both for internal and international reasons. If today the embrace both seek to improve their scores in view of elections (presidential new in Colombia and the regional of November in Venezuela), these same elections could help that both used nationalism and the danger of the neighbor to re – launch. Again the FARC could be another cause of a crisis and these, in spite of many observers and even though it may be in crisis, it still has many traditions, bases and militants and you may want to continue attracting new problems in continental diplomacy.


The Central

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Motors and electrical loads are not controlled by this tool or switched off. 3. the maintenance plan in the plan are carried the user a complete overview of maintenance of existing technical equipment and is represented as a table. Are maintenance, a message is issued. Appropriate maintenance jobs are the WEDA maintenance table according to their urgency always sorted at the top. The interval of the maintenance order begins with the setting of the completion check mark”. The user can the table at a glance, the last and the penultimate maintenance must be carried out when the next, or is done.

The farmer can independently enter his maintenance job on the free text input. The tool also allows him to enter the maintenance intervals for his entire farm technology. The maintenance intervals are in relation to the Device issued in days or hours. “” “Possible examples: cleaning the milking machine, oil level of compressors”, Vermifuge of the dog “. 4. operating hour counter a useful tool is the new application running time meter. Thus the real operating hours of all connected electric consumers appear simply, quickly and easily. This is very useful for the correct compliance with the maintenance and management as the calculation basis.

5. reciprocal remote control what is special about this instrument: the user can access from his feeding machine on a PC or other computer such as ventilation calculator and climate controller. ase. Previously, it was only possible to access from the PC to the feeding machine. The operation of E-Mail programs or access to the Internet is now easily and quickly. In facilities with high standard of hygiene means a significant time savings, yet alone the often cumbersome procedure of a showering down. In addition there is the possibility Stables, which lie far outside the central building, to operate remotely. 6 curves plot”so that all existing readings of the computer can be graphically represented freely selectable on the surface of the screen. This allows the user to important management parameters to fit its specific conditions, for example representing the quantity of forage depending on indoor and outdoor temperature. So, the farmer at a glance looks that changed the continuity of the feeding behaviour of temperature increases. With the help of the tools, the operator can change the climate and thus make adjustments. The advantages of the new WEDA module at a glance: Over-simplification for management and increase the overall efficiency of integrated use of service modules is possible cost management easier production processes can better be structured communication is optimized through networking simplify complex processes serve through greater transparency of service modules cost minimizing animal management is improved (Competitive advantage) Animal health compatibility at a glance time savings through optimization better simplifies technical processes with other computers

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