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Zwickau Sikom

Posted by adminNY on May 28, 2016
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For the established contact Center Suite AgentOne Sikom has developed a new Web frontend concept both the inbound and the outbound usage, which will be presented at the fair. In particular, the advantage is that the client regardless of the operating system can be used by Web 2.0 technologies. Also on CallCenterWorld: a series of new inbound functions for AgentOne. These include developments such as mobile clients for the Android operating system and a simulator module for testing complex contact center environments, as well as the generation of reliable raw data for test statistics. Moreover Callflow control introduces in this context the introduction of a data provider to the use of statistical models and an advanced Sikom. It serves the administration of complex Callflows via Web OS.

Sikom has developed the software WatchMan for the introduction of integrated communication monitoring of servers is presented also at the booth A12/B7 in Hall. sites. Away from the stand, Sikom experts will hold various lectures. On September 29. February theme is available in the Messe-Forum Hall 3 at 15: 00 contact center without borders agent one”on the agenda. This Sikoms universal and independent Routinginstanz for all channels, including social media and documents, is presented in detail. Three times, SIKOM on the tele talk is demo Forum.

On 28 February at 16.00, on 29 February at 10: 00 and on 1 March at 10:45. The topic of automation will each focus on”available. The speaker will explain with examples how customer requests can be accepted, to efficiently distribute, evaluated with intelligent systems on all channels and sensibly managed. The Sikom Software GmbH is leading manufacturer and provider of contact center solutions and automated voice applications and is one of the most innovative companies in the field of telecommunications. Based on open standards, Sikom realized powerful and future-proof solutions to optimize communication processes in all industries. Core products of the comprehensive portfolio are multiple excellent, multimodal language dialog platform VoiceMan, as well as the Contact Center Suite AgentOne, the voice authentication of United voice ID and the billing system and the Sikom AlarmServer t.e.o. . Sikom is based on strong partnerships, including his success in major research projects with universities and industrial partners. The customers include companies such as Telekom, inter insurance, Signal Iduna, arvato, Boehringer Ingelheim, Techem, Bayer Schering Pharma, Henkel, Microsoft, numerous supply companies, banks and savings banks as well as authorities and municipalities.

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Maximize Efficiency

Posted by adminNY on May 26, 2016
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There is a more important factor than system reliability when operating a data center? Probably not. Finally, there is no data center, but instead an expensive failure without this aspect. System reliability is so essential that entire industries have arisen to ensure it. RAID systems are a safe solution to the problem of hard disk failures. One disk fails, data is stored as one or more others. A failover system is used for mission-critical systems. This starts another system server or network outage and is then ready for use. However, despite all modern backup and failure solutions, it is in the nature of Windows file systems, to fragment.

This process is not counteracted, can cause problems for users, networks and all companies and are in fact already doing it. Fragmentation is a calculated, each Windows operating system its own weakness. It was deliberately created, to Disk space to use more efficiently. The downside is that fragmented files on the entire hard disk are distributed. Each disk drive used anywhere for any purpose, including RAID, mirror systems, or backup, is exposed to the resulting harmful effects. In the computer science field, it is no news that fragmentation affects performance. Perhaps less well known, however, is the impact of fragmentation on system reliability.

From startup to shut down, a fragmented hard drive can cause problems with almost every Windows activity at the system level. One main reason is that the Windows operating system continually accesses the hard disk-based swap file. Thus, reliable functioning of the hard drive is essential for reliable system operation. The paging file fragmentation problems can cause that is no longer enough virtual memory available, and also data loss can have. In addition, a highly fragmented master can File table (NTFS, the Windows file system, used file allocation table, also file allocation table called) further slow the already long startup process of a Windows based computer.

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Posted by adminNY on May 24, 2016
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Integration of MS Lync, mobile clients for Android, and new AgentOne Heidelberg, January 24, 2012 so versatile tasks and technologies in the field of contact centers evolve, as diverse the Sikom Software GmbH on this year’s CallCenterWorld presents itself. From 28 February to 1 March the company in the Estrel Convention Center in Berlin will present new solutions, as well as further developments of established products. At the A12/B7 in Hall 5 booth, SIKOM shows among other things its mobile clients for contact centers, the Android OS-based MS Lync-integration and current extensions of contact Center Suite AgentOne. In addition, experts of the company will hold several lectures. For a company like Sikom, with ongoing product development has utmost priority, three drivers are crucial.

The one we are working on solutions, follow the General trends such as, for example, mobility. Also new products or platforms such as MS Lync and Android on the market, are exciting for us in turn by the Opportunities arise. “We are also of independent always strive to develop own solutions and improve”, explains Jurgen H. Hoffmeister, managing partner of Sikom Software GmbH. A trade fair such as the CallCenterWorld is of course an excellent opportunity to present our work to the market and to obtain feedback, because visitors can test our current developments at our booth live. ” With the MS Lync Server 2010, Microsoft has introduced a concept that brings together the different methods that people communicate on a single user interface. This unified interface combines voice communication, instant messaging, as well as audio, video and Web conferencing to a comprehensive and contextual product. Also ideal for contact centers to make usable MS Lync, Sikom has developed an integration solution that is related. This includes also trusted applications with instant messaging, routing, IVR via UCMA 3.0 in addition to a PSTN gateway for voice communication.

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Electrical Energy

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ALBERTO PEALBA/the 27 of September release their new album. They will present/display for the first time in direct east Sunday in the Sonorama festival. Amaral and Juan Aguirre assure that its sound is ” more forceful of batera”. The zaragozano pair Amaral, that the 27 of September releases its new album, Towards the savage, confesses to be ” wishing to leave to tocar” the subjects of this new work, engraving in Madrid and New York, ” electrical and enrgico” that the previous ones, ” more forceful of batera” and very guitarrero. Thus they describe to Juan the Aguirres and Eva Amaral, in an interview, this Towards the savage, who will present/display for the first time in direct east Sunday in the Sonorama festival, that is celebrated in Aranda de Duero (Burgos) during the weekend. ” When you are in the calm city you long for carretera” , Juan tells the guitarist Aguirre, who says to wait for with impatience the moment at which people listen to the songs. Equal of expectant is its companion, Eva Amaral, that assures to have received one ” good injection of rollo” after to verify the generous critics that single is obtaining first also published and titled Towards the savage, sent the past 8 of August.

A simple one that it describes like one ” flight towards desconocido” , necessary in a world that, in its opinion, there are ” deshumanizado” creating a virtual reality. ” Looking for the civilization we have arrived at a point that is not very civilizado” , it maintains. Humanity of that they took refuge in his study of Madrid, where they recorded the twelve subjects of a work that Aguirre defines as ” electrical and enrgico” that the previous ones, and that includes a sound ” more forceful of batera” and major presence of guitars. ” Each one of the discs ” is the photography of the band in a while; , it assures the musician, who thinks that this change obeys simply to one ” evolution paulatina” , since they continue maintaining a form ” very intuitiva” and ” little cerebral” at the time of composing.


MDC Cosmetic

Posted by adminNY on May 19, 2016
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new beauty concept in Berlin the MDC COSMETIC in Berlin – the new brand pharmacy brand pharmacy. Melanie Dal Canton, Managing Director of concept stores by Andreas Murkudis in Berlin, launched the first on high end natural cosmetics specialized shop of the capital a year ago. As already at Andreas Murkudis woman Dal Canton at MDC cosmetic focuses on brands and manufacturers who have to offer exceptional products – means in the case of cosmetics and skin care products: packaged exceptionally effective and also still exceptionally cute. “An atmosphere comes me to create”, says Melanie Dal Canton. “Just cream does not sell me interested. The establishment of the shop is located in the Prenzlauer Berg district opposite the historic water tower, counts for Dal Canton to the atmosphere as well as their specific knowledge of each individual product: “customers are now extremely sophisticated, which I find very good.

You do research on the Internet, know each other. Since it became a matter of course, is with to provide biologically valuable food, the interest for the ingredients and production methods is there for care products”, says Melanie Dal Canton. “That one slice quirlte is still beef placenta injection could be like in the 80s thankfully unthinkable happened.” Melanie Dal Canton is well faddish manufacturers of the high end market with its concept. As a single shop in Germany MDC cosmetic can offer the full range of Italian monastery pharmacy of Santa Maria Novella, which smell Potpurris and creams already belong to the trade secrets of the fashion industry. The well-known Aesop by Andreas Murkudis has Melanie Dal Canton as well.

But also the care line produced in the laboratory of Paracelsus Julisis, whose Hersteller Julius Eulberg retreats on alchemical principles. Skin regimens from Italy, a further tip by Melanie Dal Canton, integrates findings of nutritional science in a maintenance program, which is used in the treatment rooms at MDC cosmetic. Just in time for the one-year Jubilee has Melanie Dal Canton New York pharmacy cosmetics recorded by Malin & Goetz in the range. The minimalist styled products based on refreshing essential oils, were so far unavailable in Germany. A selection of unusual scents, candles, bath products, cashmere socks and hot water bottles leave the estimated by Melanie Dal Canton home atmosphere: “beauty does not just, beautiful look. Or: there are several factors which have an effect on our appearance. Most of them work inside. If you feel uncomfortable, which the best eye cream brings nothing.”on the Internet under: mdc-cosmetic.

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First Acquaintance

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So you've brought into the house of a tiny ball of life – a little York. So far, he lived in a family with brothers, sisters, mother, and was in experienced hands, the breeder. Now help him get comfortable in your home. In general, one of New York the most popular dogs such as dog Boo – the most popular dog facebook. To a puppy is easier suffered separation from his mother, he can be put in place a stuffed animal or an old fur hat. Make sure only that the puppy they did not fight because swallowed pieces can cause intestinal blockage. If your puppy will whine the day of grief, take him in my arms, stroke, gently talk to him.

At night it is better not to pay attention to him and endured his possible cries for the first night. If your puppy will do to get it into bed, then he will become the master of their owners. But if you agree, that he slept with you, then take a right, although we do not recommend doing it. Firstly, it is small and Possibility of night or a bad fall could end in a jump for his broken leg. During the night the puppy to urinate a few times and it will bother you. Accustomed to sleep with you, he would climb into bed with the children that Nedo admissible for obvious reasons. If you do not mind climbing on chairs and sofas, you can do from the material at hand (the old quilts, pillows, etc.) "step" for the descent. This is a temporary structure must be only for a period of growth.

Prepare for him. Cart sleeping dogs should not be too big. It is always clean, warm, cozy, not drafts, and nobody ever dares to disturb the dog. When you need to to feed, clean, wash, even walk, and so affectionately call your puppy to lure him treat or favorite toy. Never take your dog violently. But the command "place" you can teach from the first day. Gently pat the puppy, name by name, place it on a litter and repeat several times: "location, location, good place." When the puppy falls asleep anywhere, take it back, repeat the command a calm gentle voice. Soon the baby will get used. It is important that puppy is not frightened when he takes on his hands. On the contrary, it should provide him with great pleasure. But no need to take your puppy on your hands too often and all kinds of people, especially children. Puppies are very mobile and very strong so keep them to gently but firmly, that the puppy does not jumped from the height and not damaged. Elbows puppy should always pressed to your sides. Absolutely can not raise a puppy up, holding his front legs – is weakened ligament. Do not lift, clasping his whole hand under his elbow. If you frequently take your puppy so that he will form "twisted elbows. A puppy should be lifted, clasping one hand in front both shoulders and the other hand supporting the back.

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