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State Of Palestine?

Posted by adminNY on July 21, 2016
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Palestine applied for full membership in the United Nations Palestine is a “normal”, an independent State on September 23? It is doubtful that confidently. Something must happen however on this 23rd September in the UN building in New York. Since the announcement of the Palestinian Authority, it will apply for the membership of Palestine on this day before the UN General Assembly, requires a response from all parties in the muddled conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. In any case, Mahmud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority, will make a speech before the UN General Assembly which is from its point of view to the rescue of the two-State solution, which was agreed upon in Oslo now 18 years ago. Palestine applied for full membership in the United Nations, because, so the argument from Ramallah – when still only on negotiations with Israel, Palestine will be left at some point no area for a State of Palestine. In fact, the territory of Palestine, has that 1948 in still valid UN resolution, which determined the Division of Israel, since nearly half reduced. Continued settlement construction, border walls and security zones, as it established Israel in recent years, do the rest.

Of course, but the announcement of the Palestinian national authority has mostly symbolic effect. One has the impression that the core conflict of the Middle East international in oblivion threatens to get through financial crisis and Arab revolution in Ramallah obviously. It’s not entirely wrong. Only to the Middle East conflict because only the Turkish President Erdogan has made Erdogan Israel-Palestine in last time international on the subject, otherwise grave silence. Now, after the announcement from Palestine, the world community seems to have”to remember the problem and the voices sound as always in the past. In the EU you are looking for a unified stance in vain; United Kingdom, France and Spain to face benevolent plans of the Palestinians Germany and others reject “unilateral action”.

Sharp, the United States, responded the the Palestinians not only their veto in the UN Security Council, but also the reduction of financial assistance at. In effect, the Western world in hastily scheduled talks at the last minute by its undertaking to dissuade the Palestinians tried. The time is the enemy you must instead return to the negotiating table, it is called and given the “progress at this table not” of the past 18 years, one is tempted to ask why actually? Of course, a step such as the current announcements of Palestine in the Middle East conflict in the best cold-war style will lead to possible harsh backlash in Israel. But what is the alternative? Further wait in Israel a second Jitzchak Rabin arrive leaders? This can take a long time and until then, the enemy of Palestine is the time.

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Posted by adminNY on July 16, 2016
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Exhibitions are organized by different companies – from heavy industry to health facilities and beauty salons. For exhibitions construction of a special exhibition halls, pavilions. As a rule, Each of them settling several spacious rooms, which differ in size and decoration. For all the exhibition halls is extremely important the proper distribution of light and the ability to connect new devices. In addition, requires good distribution of energy sources as well as during the exhibition in one room, spent a lot of energy. Exhibitors will organize their own exhibition stands, informing about the activities of the company – a product or service. The apparent simplicity of the organization of exhibition stands, in fact turns need careful consideration of all the details – Literacy location of booklets, leaflets and other POS-materials in a convenient location for visitors, the proper distribution of light, etc.

All exhibition booths are divided into stationary and mobile. Landlines are cheaper when production, however, if a firm with a certain periodicity presents himself at the exhibitions, it is convenient to use easily transformed mobile stands. For the manufacture of exhibition stands use different materials, including metal for construction, cardboard, glass, various kinds of plastic. Exclusive, custom, exhibition stands can be decorated using expensive materials – leather, special types of wood. The organizing principle stands – modular. Different parts can be interchanged, stitch.

Exhibition stand company may, when appropriate, stand-reception for the meeting visitors, stands for the location of a product or promotional material, display cases, card holders, Brochure. In the event that during the exhibition reveals that some elements are not in place, you can change them location. Metall, from which the following mobile stands, allow to mount banners, including widescreen. The banner can be applied company logo, photographs, text information about the strategy mission for the company and so on. Convenience is that banners can be changed from the exhibition, the exhibition that will allow each time to create a new look. Motion video transmitted from the monitor-mounted metalwork. Presentation by yourself at the show – it’s quite troublesome, however, worthwhile event. Typically, this significantly increases the prestige of the firm, especially if the event has a high status. Term the exhibition ranges from several days to two or three weeks. Associated activities are conferences, symposia. Was represented by new technologies, products, services, and therefore can not participate only to present their products and services, but also to explore offers from our partners and competitors in this field. Proper design of the exposition helps the company to successfully fit into the business environment and express themselves. Participation companies in the exhibition – a step towards the consumer and business partners who will not go unnoticed. Information provided by the company “Expo-World”


New York Parking

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Demonstrated in Paris vw Touran impressed us the fact that the minivan is equipped with gearbox dsg. Convenient transmission became standard equipment in vans with established 1,4 tsi, and optionally can be installed on models with other tsi and tdi engines. Devotees clean exhaust can choose for themselves Touran EcoFuel, which moves on compressed natural gas. A month ago it was known that the car's interior updated with high quality materials and some nice little things, like – two-toned leather performance seats. Finally, the fanatics of various kinds of innovative devices will be honored by the new system, Park Assist, which allows semi-automatic Parking for 15 seconds. In the States they say, and willing to repeat it again and again that they want more sport vans. On the seventh seat, which is optional, gearbox dsg, magical assistant in a parking lot, and size, which almost justifies the prefix "mini" in the word minivan, Touran would have quickly found a fan.

People for whom ordinary van – small, and the size of the maxi-micro-bus for them – a lot. Original Chrysler minivans have been smaller and more mashinopodobnymi. Those days, unfortunately for the American left. We are confident that the vw attack on America with its new minivans will inevitably, and we are confident that this will make many Americans happy.


Catalan LSE

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The first day of March the Agency translation and interpretation 1Globaltranslators will launch a new category of interpreters; a section of Spanish signs (LSE) and languages of Catalan signs (LSC). From the first day of March 1Globaltranslators have interpreters of LSE and LSC for congresses, press conferences, trials, meetings or any other Act. 1Globaltranslators will contact with professional performers to perform various services offered: consecutive interpretations, interpretations of liaison and simultaneous interpretations. LSE has legal status in Spain since 2007. 1Globaltranslators thinks that it is important that the language is not marginalized. Why organize a virtual event on facebook in conjunction with the launch of the categoriacon order to give it emphasis the LSE.

Called virtual encounter with senantes users: go to the language of signs Spanish (LSE). 1Global proposes LSE users to share interesting videos with people who do not know LSE, for example explaining recordings as present, or videos with simple words, numbers or the alphabet giving to people who do not know LSE learn words and phrases in that language. They may then show what they have learned through video. You can access the event by clicking here! Data of interest: contacts: official site of the sign language interpreter page 1Globaltranslators: Facebook: Twitter: #!

Interesting Attractions

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You should attract even once warm other attractions that they perhaps did not know if you want to visit New York City in the winter, because it can get very cold! Snow is not uncommon. Although New York City then also does not count the frosty holiday destinations, warm clothes and boots are chubby indispensable, if one wants to spend much time outdoors. The winter New York City offers plenty of great activities and attractions in addition to snow and ice. Often offers also the possibility to flee if it turned around once too cold around the nose quickly in the warm. Ice skating in New York City: you can ice skating in the winter almost anywhere. But in New York City accepts the offer for this already legendary proportions.

If you don’t mind, to bathe in the crowd a little bit Center can get at the ice skating rink at the rock on the skids. If you want to experience New York City rather than a winter wonderland, then you will like rink in Central Park maybe still a bit better at the Wollman. From the ice rink in the Wollman Park affords views of the skyscrapers behind the perhaps even snow-covered trees in Central Park. There is a free skating rink in Bryant Park. In addition, there are several others in the vicinity of New York City. A day in a New York Museum: an excellent opportunity to escape the cold and snow in New York City, offers a visit to one of the great museums of New York City. In the Metropolitan Museum of art or the American Museum of natural history a full day is passed while maintaining it on one, quickly. You could spend several days there actually equally well and happy. Also the smaller museums of New York City, like the lower East Side tenement Museum and the Frick Collection, are home to charming collections and virtually are the ideal place to warm up briefly for a few hours.

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