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Ambient Citizenship In Moambique: Dream Or Reality

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Ambient citizenship in Moambique: Dream or Reality? 1 Lcio Dionsio Pitoca Ownership City of Maputo – Moambique To each day that passes grows the number of institutions interested in the preservation and conservation of the environment in Moambique, some that work exclusively in the agricultural communities and others that actuam in the urban communities and still others that actuam in both communities. Almost all in the development of its activities of preservation and conservation of the environment finish for developing activities of Ambient Education because, believe I, that consider that the ambient problem has its bases in the unfamiliarity of the practical ones that they are in danger the environment. To part, I agree that, really, the lack of information on the part of the population makes with that they develop activities that degrade the environment. But also the lack of alternatives, poverty, on the part of to the same places them population in the condition to practise activities that degrade the environment for its survival. However, in this text I will go it withhold me, in particular, in what it is my perception on the programs of Ambient Education developed by the institutions in the generality. The Ambient Education is main practical the responsible one for the construction of the Ambient Citizenship, that is, for formation of conscientious individuals of its responsibilities of preservation and ambient conservation in the context of the global, national and local crisis ambient. Of the research that I have made – comment, reading of periodical articles and magazines, reading of programs of Ambient Education, unhappyly almost nothing of scientific articles because little is written, colloquies with coordinators of programs of Ambient Education, has disturbed me very, for the fact of in the boardings considering that the moambicana population is one tabulates flat, that is, does not know nothing on the ambient problems. It is easy to notice this, therefore, it does not exist evidence of made studies of ambient perception before implementation of any program of Ambient Education.


So Paulo

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When conditional in places had one does not become highly pollutant in such a way of the ground, water and of air beyond creating a very propitious environment to development of organisms in the great pathogenic majority. Beyond the domestic residues it has other types of residues such as: Ground urban, industrial, hospital, nuclear and construction and demolition. In agreement Garden and Wells (1975), the domestic residues in Brazil are composed on average of 65% of organic substance; the remain is formed by cans, glasses, papers and mainly plastic packings etc. In this direction we can observe that the demand in the production of residues is an exponential growth in function of world-wide the population growth, where the estimate published for the IBGE (2006) is of that the population is around 6,8 billion individuals and that most is in the developed countries less, where the indices of poverty and misery becomes each time higher occupying in its great majority the next urban spaces the gratings city, as example the slum quarters of Rio De Janeiro, So Paulo, Salvador, Recife etc. where the very great production of residues and beyond the difficulty in the collection of the same. In Brazil, we perceive very great a population growth mainly occupying bioma Atlantic Mata and its respective ecosystems in function of the concentration of the great producing polar regions to be next to the coast causing to a large extent occupations to destined areas the ambient preservation. Problematic the ambient one generated for the residues is of extreme complexity and difficult solution for all the cities of Brazil, which present a very precarious installment of collection without a segregation of the residues produced for the diverse pursuings of the society. Residues: Who is responsible for it? In the great cities, mainly, most that if plays outside could be used to advantage, what it does not give for somebody could be useful for another person.


Mediterranean Sea

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Cullera this located in the border of Mediterranean Sea, is a millenarian city and is a tourist destiny since in 60 years the Spanish development policy drove a town that until then was dedicated only to agriculture. If what the tourist wishes when arriving at destiny is not only landscape, gastronomy, smooth climate or amiability but in addition history, testimony of a remote and excited past, someday will have to reserve a hotel in Cullera. It will have the pleasure to be present at the dawn from view to the Mediterranean Sea, it cradles of the western civilization from the Castle of Cullera and will be able to have the vibrant sensation to be unemployed on the scene same in that they lived and they died Greek, Roman, Arab and Christian and long before that they, those original settlers for already 25,000 years. It has been place coveted by and others throughout the centuries, besieged by kings and pirates since its name was Sicana. NATURE Cullera is a fertile alluvial plain due to the opening of the Jcar where the aroma of naranjos in spring embriaga to the traveller who contemplates the Natural Park of the Lagoon from the Mountain of the Vixens, unique elevated point of the city, as it would do already it with Blasco Ibez, brilliant retratista of the life in the rice field. We will be able to cross like that one Tonet, or Neleta, or the Uncle Dove, the cabins that still are conserved, hidden between the rushes, many of recovered them. Bathed his they become a singular ecosystem, a salty candy mixture and, like the Lagoon of Estany, where the fishing attracts infinity of fans to this sport. The Dunes of the Dosser, in continuous and magical change are protective home of countless colonies of birds that hide themselves in the peculiar vegetation to dunar.


Second Ferrari

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Development the Agricultural Defensives the man comes learning since daily pay-history, to practise agriculture deuma more productive way with the purpose to assure its sustenance. Noentanto it coexists the problem of the plagues that destroy the stored plants, ascolheitas and foods, in great amounts generally. Ocombate to the plagues is old. The Chinese have about 1.000 years behind, Arsenio composites jutilizavam, as sulfeto of Arsenio. With objective to protect its harvest, the man developed agroqumicostambm called pesticides, agricultural praguicidas or defensives, chemical etc. Estesprodutos, or mixes of these, is destined to the use, storage and beneficiamentode agricultural products, in the pastures, the protection of the urban, hdricos and industrial forests and outrosecossistemas, in order to preserve them of the aodanosa of beings considered livings creature harmful, also used as substnciase desfolhantes, desiccant products, fertilizing estimuladores, inhibitors of crescimentoe for the plants. Its indiscriminate application causes innumerable problems, as much for health of the applicators and the consumers, as for the Environment, contaminating the ground, the water, leading to the death plants and animals. To read more click here: Francisco D’Agostino.

Brazilian agriculture each time more has made use dessesinsumos chemical, mainly of agrotxicos, and this causes an ecological series deproblemas. Second Ferrari (1985, p.110) ' ' agriculture ties 50 years atividadesda was directed for generation of products (coffee and cotton, mainly) for autoconsumo of the resident population in the agricultural way ealguns few nuclei urbanos' '. but with the increase of the population urbanahouve the necessity to increase the agricultural production to supply the centrosurbanos, using agrotxicos to fight the plagues same without knowing quaisas consequences that could be generated by these products. In accordance with Ferrari (1985, p.111) the contamination dealimentos, pollution of rivers, ground erosion and desertificao, poisoning emorte of agriculturists and extinguishing of animal species, are some of maisgraves consequences of industrial chemical agriculture and the agrotxicos use indiscriminadode wide stimulated in last the 25 years.


Chinas Power

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“Gerlingen/Nurtingen that in traditional Chinese medicine” (TCM) Tiger claws and-penisse as sexual enhancers are processed, is known to many. “That although German Zoo (if they eat not just their animals as in Erfurt) are involved in this absurd and gruesome practices and their exploited” supply animals to China, only coming to light. “The animal rights organization PETA Germany e.V. is a list, indicating that 51 big cats from 7 of German zoos and Safari parks have been demonstrably delivered to China: the exclusive China export list: 2 Jaguars (Zoo Centrum Frankfurt) 4 Jaguars (Berlin Zoo) 1 Jaguar (Munich Zoo Hellbrunn) 2 Jaguars (Tierpark Aschersleben) 3 Siberian Tiger (animal park Strohen) 5 Siberian Tiger (Zoo Brunswick) 4 Siberian Tiger (Berlin Zoo) 1 Bengaltiger (Berlin Zoo) 29 Bengaltiger (Safaripark Stukenbrock) so far have been required in China” tiger in so bred these tiger farms. By 2010, China wants to under the guise of species conservation than 1000 tiger in narrow farm cages to produce”. But many of the animals are slaughtered according to the TCM.

Tierrechtler Frank Albrecht is sure that even undomesticated cat offspring from German zoological institutions to the tiger farms are delivered and there are the Chinese battle of potency to the victims or as machines for the obsession with power be abused. Irresponsible: Despite overpopulation every year, be in German zoos still big cats bred. A part of the next generation disappears without a trace or is the coffee Mesto of dubious animal dealer”, Frank Albrecht knows after many years of research. PETA Germany e.V. calls for an immediate freeze on export of so-called China, as well as Albrecht wild animals after to ensure that slaughtered animals not for allegedly healing medicine. Chinese tiger farms for the first time do not hit the headlines.

Again and again images of living cows feeding trigger protests, make attacks by Tiger on nurses, accidents involving visitors or broken off Tiger headlines. Or a scandalous famine in some is known as prior short, these farms, because money is missing. Visit for further information on this issue. The report from Munich reported on Monday, August 20, 2007 at 21.45 in the ARD about the dubious trade of German zoos and is also on the fate of the exported Tiger. The world’s largest animal rights organization is PETA Germany e.V. and its sister organizations, with over 1.6 million supporters. Goal of the organization is educating the public and change the way of life to give each animal a better life by uncovering animal cruelty. Press point PETA Germany e.V diesel str. 21 70839 Gerlingen 07156-178-2826 07156-178-2810


Hendrik Baumann

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As Europe’s largest provider of We provide microstock imagery experienced professionals such as even talented amateurs this showcase to demonstrate their photographic skills. Good nature photos are not easy to shoot, you need sense, patience and also some luck. The pictures of the winners of all categories away. are all the more impressive”In the 19th century emerged a vision of nature, which shapes our understanding today. Then nature is beautiful, authentic and unaffected, it represents a world civilization, to which we can go back to find our roots. In the competition it aim was to disrupt this natural understanding”, explains Doc Baumann. Since we first and do not know which of the images is a lightly edited original photo which was put together on the computer, the question is equally for the authenticity of image and nature.

Also, some images show very clearly, that nature be not only beautiful, but also disturbing can.” In addition to Fotolia, sponsors such as Adobe, Wacom, Epson, HP or California Sunbounce supported the DOCMA award 2013 event Note: time: Vernissage 6th September 2013, 19.00 / Finissage 27 September 2013, 19:00 place: fotoliLAB Lychener Strasse 74, 10437 Berlin exhibition: 07 until 27 September 2013 opening hours: Monday to Friday 10 to 18: 00 and by appointment on Fotolia the Fotolia LLC, headquartered in New York City operates websites in 14 languages in 23 countries and regions around the globe and is Europe’s leading microstock vendors. Fotolia is one founded in the end of 2004 in New York City, more than 23 million images, vectors and HD videos, and over 4 million members. “Fotolia as first independent microstock photo agency took the step in the market of traditional picture agencies in December 2007 and the exclusive Fotolia infinite collection” introduced featuring renowned photographers. More information about the company on. The DOCMA award there the DOCMA award since 2003. He was of “the magazine DOCMA-doc Baumanns magazine for imaging” as an annual competition in Central Europe to promote digital imaging in the life.

The journal was founded by Doc Baumann and Christoph Kunne Photoshop experts. It appeared so far 53 booklets. The images submitted to the DOCMA award are evaluated by a competent jury in a two-day session; the best pictures will be presented in DOCMA, as well as in an exhibition. The exhibition to the DOCMA award 2013 started at the photo Festival horizons Zingst”in may 2013 in Zingst. Hendrik Baumann

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Owner And Landlord Must Pull Together!

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High bills, the landlord is not always the scapegoat of course, once again, a hefty payment of your electricity bill is due. The house cleaning company is still rich and the last craftsman’s Bill suggests an Italian, red car as a company car for the boss. The anger quickly against the landlord, but the hands may be even better knowledge bound, if the threads in the managers come together. Polarizing statements in the face of high costs accounts be discouraged at this point. Many landlords have come to own real estate for tax purposes and have to deal with other tasks in everyday life, than to take care of their house. Then usually an administrator for money takes over this matter.

And this work often very well and reliably. Unfortunately, here too black sheep tarnishing the image. Namely, if they fiddle with artisans and house cleaning companies. Even if an owner cheaper and generally companies can call up to 40%. the proposal of the administrator must only bring on the agenda of the meeting. He does not, the owner must sue, and that can last and be even more expensive. Only after five years you may terminate him, with the proposed amendment after three years. Tenants a statement of operating costs is entitled to once a year and calls this the landlord.

Which in turn is dependent on the administrator. It splits into the two positions operating costs (share of tenants) and housing allowance (proportion of landlord). If seems not to agree in the settlement and landlord and tenant agree, they should jointly exert pressure on the Manager. Ultimately really it’s a unlustigen and kungelnden Manager, you can exchange them only against a reliable during the term of the contract, if there are serious transgressions, such as infidelity. Given the billions profits of the current giants, crests can swell the citizens with right, they look to their bills and the price increases. However, many people even in the have it Hand, significantly reduce their consumption. Much energy is lost through Windows, doors, and even more poorly considered quite muted walls. Clever craftsmen have in store, on the basis of their recordings can be seen called thermal cameras, which Windows and doors you can promptly replace with warmedammendere copies. Sometimes long only a few euros. In the case of carrier of Hunsruck, it already reached to seal his office wall to an old barn and a thick layer of styrofoam. Behold, the next cold snap the wall was no longer cold, but warm. The heating could run at a lower level. Powerful PCs with large video cards and accessories are not to be underestimated. It may be worth, especially for agencies, shut down your computer when not in use about two or three hours a day. Dryers are greedy guzzlers, sometimes even with favorable ratings in the eco color palettes. Tip: If you have already hired the heating in the winter or in the oven fire, they set up the good old Clotheshorse. And in the spring and summer, I’m the Clothesline or spider. This costs nothing and who cares the sight, to look the other way. By the way, there are just power providers that give their customers of savings tips in free brochures. 10 tips to save electricity: shock airing lights out! Power strip! Drying out! Washing line! New Windows! New doors! Turn off PC! Seal the wall!

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