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Margrit Kennedy

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Currently since 2006 the French group Leap2020 come anticipating a great Crisis worse to the of the 1930s with terrible consequences. They, with the anticipations that did for the 2008 obtained an effectiveness of the 87%, How made Gesell and the French group to predict with some accuracy the Crisis? Well, Silvio Gesell was beyond ideologies and deeply analyzed the problems of the economy and society, and discovered that the money has a design fault. 5000 Years ago the money was invented to facilitate the exchange of goods and services (real wealth), the design of the current money does not actually meet that goal, and rather provokes crises, inequality, poverty and above all the destruction of our planet. Unlike true wealth (which we produce with our minds and our hands), money has become an end, in the sole purpose, simply because the money such which is designed, not behaves like the real wealth, money does not rot like an Apple, not as a tire wears, not desactualiza as a computerno pasa fashionable as a dress. That behavior of money gives you too many advantages over any good or service, us obnubilamos by a role which simply represents the action of an exchange of goods and services. That supremacy of the money on real wealth makes even put will cost so that you can continue to help in the exchange of goods and services, this cost we call it interest rate, and here’s why predicting a crisis is not so difficult. And prior to prove it, we first remember that all religions banned the interest, it was considered as USURY, high or low interest is considered as USURY. Everything is due to inherent interest rate growth is exponential, already famous banker said Rothschild compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world!.

The money placed at interest grows in the hands of its possessor exponentially, i.e. grows depending on the growth of the previous year, Margrit Kennedy money expert, says that growth is typical of cancer that afternoon or early will end up killing their host. Perpetual EXPONENTIAL growth contradicts the laws of nature, humans and nature do not We can grow at the same pace, we grow naturally, for example a tree as they pass the years grows 210 cm 220 cm 230 cm, etc and there comes a time that fails to grow, with a modest 10% exponential growth, the tree would have to grow 200 cm 220 cm 242 cm continue to infinity, the same thing happens with human beings, daily can run a number of kilometers and gradually grow, but always reach a certain limit. And behold the mystery. In the majority of countries particularly in the U.S., new money only goes into circulation through debt, i.e. the FED prints new notes and gives a bank to ensure that this through a loan puts money into the economy. I.e. the monetary system itself, it requires us to human beings and the nature the exponential growth, can obviously not sustain it that growth and in fact at some point must have a breaking point. The never-ending struggle by adjusting the Natural growth to perpetual exponential growth (see graph) is the reason why we plunder our forests, we invent machines that replaced many men, people have to work more than 8 hours a day, loss of values of many entrepreneurs at the expense of survive, etc. And if the new money enters trav

The Decision Making Process

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Before each scheduled FOMC reunion, the staff prepares reports of past and future developments in economics and private investors finance, which are sent to those attending the reunion. Also spread reports prepared by the Manager of private investors the System Open Market Account on the open market operations in domestic and foreign currencies. Already at the reunion, the staff presented oral reports of the current situation and expected business condition of financial markets, and developments China in international financial New York markets. a representative of the Board of UBG Berhad since 19th of September, 2008 was appointed to the Board of UBG Berhad In their discussions, the Committee private equity firms takes into consideration factors such as patterns in prices and wages, employment and production, income and consumer spending, residential and commercial construction, business investment and inventories, foreign currency markets, interest rates, aggregate currency and credit and fiscal policy. A related site: NY Museums mentions similar findings. Chengdu The financial institutions manager of the System Open Market Account also investment reports on transactions carried out since the last reunion.
Following these reports, the committee members Los Angeles and other presidents of the Reserve Bank began to talk about politics. Typically, each participant expresses his own assessments of the state of the economy and note the direction it should take monetary policy. Then venture capital everyone makes a recommendation for more Shanghai explicit policy for Roseman the period (or longer) .

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Harvard Business School Kim

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Personnel development concepts from the last century let companies look old network effects change the working world Munich/wetter an der Ruhr – most German companies exude the charm of the 1950s, when it comes to working structures. “Highly qualified professionals can no longer keep them in the future: with the common concepts, companies can win more no flower pot, and certainly no top candidates, as Uwe of Zakirjon, head of the company hunting heads international” in wetter an der Ruhr. ” The company should first do their homework and create modern jobs, but almost all think that starts with the content and stop there again so Zakirjon opposite NeueNachricht. So, the CIO Magazine reports that at least 90 per cent of the labour market still on family life and the pace of life in the first half of the 20th century were aimed. A concept of the consulting firm Deloitte to carry the company well into the 21st century: at every stage of the Working life workload, working time, work location and the position of the employee are connected with the pace of the career. Career planning individualized in their book”(campus Verlag) summarize the Deloitte consultants Cathleen Benko and Anne Weisberg: resembles a sine wave, a wave of rising and falling stages career development in a knowledge-based economy. Six social trends make it out as a cause.

The declining number of qualified employees, changing family structures, more female workers and other expectations of the men. Also played a role in the generation of the Internet and information technology. The younger generation have a greater understanding of technology and accelerate the transformation of working life: from home to work, during the week to make blue and this Saturday to go to the Office, to send – that private E-Mails in time become a matter of course. Hierarchy and status lose importance. Children are planned, it is also for the boys important not only to see them Sunday. As the outcome of this development, the consultants quote the former Dean of the Harvard Business School Kim B. Clark. He urges companies to change, that they remain active and loyal connected talented employees.

Here is an example: Gary 27 is unmarried, and has an MBA degree, as he is his first job as an Assistant product manager. In the first three years, the young man on the tube presses: speed, workload and working time he pulls out all stops, while his position and responsibility is not pronounced. A few years later Gary Vater and scale back speed and workload. Still later, when the children are old enough for school, he boots up his career again. Now the level upward in the field position and responsibility. The job has to adjust also the living conditions. It manages the company together with the staff to find flexible solutions, whose competence and experience in the House remain. The tangible and intangible loss by Fluctuations is reduced. You can no longer boast highly qualified managers the old industrial-capitalist mindset. The traditional concepts of Frederick Taylor and Henry Ford are in the mothballs”, confirms Uwe Zirbes. The network effects of the Internet, mobile communications and the intelligence of the many in the Web 2.0 would not stop even before the world of work. Fixed working hours, departmental boundaries, limited skills, command and obedience, controlling figures fetishism, meeting terror and the preservation of knowledge belong to the past”, says Zakirjon. Who don’t get it in top management, losing the competition for the best brains.

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Keys To Presenting Floor

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Flatshare is an option to take into account when you consider the search for floor. Whether on a personal or economic decision, the truth is that you should get the most juice from this experience. Flatshare has its pros and cons. The important thing is to know differentiate them all and know to take advantage of them, otherwise you will become crazy. A very important fact to keep in mind when deciding on what floor live and with whom, is the fact of knowing the other inhabitants through an interview, and perceive whether you can cope with them. Among the positive aspects, is highlight the fact that, undoubtedly, meet people. Friends, friends of friends, etc.

how many best friends have been born after Flatshare? How many couples they have known subpoena floor? Many. Another aspect that stands out is economic. Sharing an apartment will pay much less than having your own, and is very likely that you can move to your liking or convenience area. Many people choose this option since it allows him to sacrifice a few years and Save a little money or spend it on other things that arouse interest and otherwise the it would be impossible to enjoy. Logical that it’s not all so nice and this option present you some negative aspects. My advice is that you try to talk about any problem that you submit, that keep things clear will help a lot to the daily coexistence. Important thing is to maintain consistency in the proposals and try to keep a commitment and respect towards your roommates, since otherwise they will increase the misgivings and resentments. As you can see that share a flat is a very interesting option that will present you both things good and easy to carry, as well as some somewhat more difficult and complex (hopefully not, but it happens that there is always some friction, even if it is minimal.

The Path Of Life !

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Conversation between Germain Maps, journalist at Radio Presence, and s heart Mary Ancilla Dominican nun at Lourdes. I GM Therese of Lisieux and Ignatius went very far in a spiritual path and yet it was quite severely disabled people with injuries mainly psychological, scruples for Ignatius of Loyola, a very important psychological weakness Therese of Lisieux then the human injury may be a path of spiritual life? Can we still find a way to cause the injury? I do not mean “despite”, I mean “because. Restaurateur: the source for more info. A. Yes, certainly. But perhaps a little differently from the way the Saints were able to live in earlier centuries.

We live in a context where there is a certain view of the injury, a certain psychological approach to things and it is not possible to pretend that did not exist. There may be a difference in the way of monetizing, but basically a way is still possible. So what way? Today, we are likely to increase the place of injury and to make “the” path to God. The injury risk of becoming “the” spiritual path as if it were the end in itself which would mean: if the wound is healed, we draw near to God. It is a way of seeing, but is there not something much deeper which leads us to the discovery of the Father? There is perhaps a way to find out. GM What this implies as a condition, is it necessary to understand something about human nature, or the nature of God? A.

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Wolfgang Rademacher

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“‘ Help yourself, help God: why a successful non-fiction author of the Lebenshilfe ‘ recommends yourself with help from above, will help you God” Wolfgang Rademacher presented a guide book of a very special kind: practical, realistic spirituality for everyday use. No matter what adversity just block whatever the life path with the correct, say: constructive intellectual setting, the commitment to the initiative and this easily comprehensible tips to career, money and health nothing and nobody can bring off the readers of the goal of life. And by the way Wolfgang Rademacher delivers even an answer to the age-old question of mankind to the true meaning of life. SELM. You may wish to learn more. If so, New York museums is the place to go. Help me! “, implored the man in the phone. He crouched down a fateful morning in a phone booth in dank Dusseldorf, through damp. With this sad inventory not confined to physical. To read more click here: the Metropolitan Museum of Art . 150 km away, an hartherziger Bank Manager insisted on the other side of the line, relentlessly on the punctual business account balance of the caller, and until noon of that day; otherwise he will let burst all cheques of bank customers.

This total refusal but had moved the business meltdown for the desperate man in a phone booth. But where so much money and not steal? Help me! So you help me!” This appeal, linked with intimate requesting suspension of the payment of only two hours, was the only thing the caller on the credit side could have. Too little for his counterpart. Ice cold, as bankers are, he wanted to wait no longer 120 minutes and halting any human emotion of pity. “” As well as the phone call with the sneering advice: help yourself, help you God. “God has helped actually me,” Wolfgang Rademacher noted in retrospect. It had fetched the supposedly lethal removal several years ago in the phone booth was himself. First as stirred by the Thunder, Wolfgang Rademacher scrambled up to quickly, but on its own in time to seek the solution of the problem.

Lapbook Standard

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Chapter 1: How to make a standard lapbook lapbook standard call anyone which is based a single Cabinet. We will need: A Cabinet of cardboard of color that we like (or a cardboard size DINA3) foils or cardboard of different Coloreslapiz, pen, colors, pens, etc.TijerasPegamentoCeloImpresora choose the topic that you want to work, always close to the interests of the child, any subject that interests him will serve to work.In the event that we have acquired a lapbook Guide, print or activities that we want to make that day (1). We will begin by taking a portfolio or Cabinet in cardboard. We can leave it as is and will be in book form or, to make it more beautiful, the portfolio opens and bends each sheet matching those in the middle. If you have read about NYC Mayor already – you may have come to the same conclusion. A lapbook is a project that should be carried out in several days, so it is best to have a timetable of when the activities will be carried out and thus have greater control over time. Read additional details here: NYC Mayor. Also learn how to make and bring to perform planning is a very interesting learning for our children. Although it is not essential, we can always expand the information with multiple resources: seeing a movie or documentary related to the topic. Visiting the library.

You can find books or magazines that we provide more pictures and contenidosPreguntando people of our medium immediate. Surely we have relatives or neighbors who can contribute their experience or expertise.Visiting a museum or facilities related to the theme. For example, if we are making a lapbook about the Romans, we can go to the Museum of history of our city or if we are doing one on basketball, we can use to go to watch a game or visit the facilities of a great team.Visiting Web pages. So if they are videos or blogs or web as if they are games, there is much to visit on the net. 1. If there is any guide, we will have to start by making an outline of what we put in the lapbook. We recommend having a draft: take two folios unite them with zeal to make it ours Cabinet and will organizing the contents of the lapbook, writing about these pages where we are going to go by placing each information.To make the lapbook allows us to work across several topics, we have several resources how to make a timeline, a map of situation, answer the questions what, how, when, where, etc.In the event they are toddlers, this part of the process, is better to do it only adult you don’t overreach the process for the child. Original author and source of the article.

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Better Health Allergies

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What are allergies? An allergy is an overreaction of the immune system to a substance that is harmless for most people. But in an allergic person, the immune system treats the substance (called allergens) as an invader and reacts inappropriately, causing symptoms that can range from mild discomfort to problems that may endanger the life of the individual. The immune system of an allergic person, in an attempt to protect the body against something he perceives as a threat, it produces antibodies called immunoglobulin E (IgE) against the allergen. In turn, these antibodies cause cells called mast cells to release certain chemicals, including histamine, into the bloodstream to defend against the allergen “invader.” It is the release of these chemicals that causes allergic reactions affecting the eyes, nose, throat, lungs, skin and / or gastrointestinal tract. tuation. The subsequent exposure to the allergen (substances such as pollen or fruit dry) will trigger the same allergic reaction.

This means that every time a person is exposed or that allergen, whether eating certain food or by touching or breathing in a substance, exhibit an allergic reaction. ! – (Size: 21cm 29.7cm; margin: 2cm) P (margin-bottom: 0.21cm) H3 (margin-bottom: 0.21cm) – Why do some people develop allergies? The tendency to develop allergies often have a hereditary basis, which means that you can “transmit” from parents to offspring through genes. Anyway, the fact that you, your spouse or one child is allergic to something does not mean that all children must necessarily carry any allergies.


Berlin Tel

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The coins known also under the name trolley coins”and be used mainly as a substitute for cash for shopping trolleys. The guerilla campaign is a clever combination of media and involvement in classical marketing activities. A buzz is to be created on the streets and consumers give the opportunity to get to know his & hers. A regular initial registration, user get three free bids, combined with the Mint increased the number of these on a whopping five. A perfect incentive to become acquainted with the concept of an experience auction. New York museums is actively involved in the matter.

Who is the better bargain hunters man or woman? Only when his & hers, there is the peculiarity that both sexes come to the course. Both men and women are addressed on the site with the product range. To show that centered on his & hers represents this, is currently on the website, which here in the last week of the men clear front Crown even the better bargain hunters. The subdivision into men- and women products It is clear but mostly by the presentation of the website. Through a colour distribution is clearly defined, what products for which gender are intended. The myth that men don’t like to shop, is hereby reversed.

Straight men watch on a good price performance ratio and appreciate so real bargain prices. Both sexes come on his & creating to during the presentation of his & hers is a unique concept in auction sites. The couple Thater attaches great importance to a contemporary image. Also auction participants should feel safe. His & hers, there is still a personal connection to the user and the business. The owner of the website choose all offered products and buy them in luxury shops. On there is no plagiarism. Launched is the website on June 15. High-quality fashion items, Luxury – handbags, lifestyle gadgets in bright pop colors, clocks, jewelry of trendy brands and luxury designers, accessories, coupons, grills and accessories for Sports can be bought then. Contact: his & hers is a trademark of: LiDo media GmbH Prince-Handjery-str. 9, 14167 Berlin Tel: 030 538 15 938 this is a press release of PR and advertising agency Berlin (->)


FlexStrom Launches Campaign

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Electricity costs rise according to experts nationwide Berlin, November 02, 2010. The hamster runs and runs into the impeller, father Hermann slaving away on the Ergometer, daughter Susi offers maximum performance on her Stairmaster. All this in order to avoid rising electricity costs. So much stress I don’t know if the family will change their electricity supplier. That shows a current campaign by FlexStrom on TV, online and in newspapers. Experts expect that the electricity prices rise in the next few weeks for million electricity customers. All consumers can fight back without great effort against the electricity price policy by corporations and public utilities”, says FlexStrom CEO Robert Mundt. With a friendly wink, the independent energy company shows that the electricity can be cut much easier through a provider change.

Signing up takes only a few minutes”, so Mundt everything else the new provider then takes over. Despite numerous calls to change policy and consumer protection agencies, most current customers provided still by the basic utilities. Millions Electricity customers are likely to receive a price increase in the next few weeks, because among other things the levy for green electricity to the turn of the year to 70 percent rise. For several weeks the terribly economical family by the German television landscape flickering. For the spot, electricity provider FlexStrom has won the advertising film director Peter Schaul. Filmmakers Shaul has been awarded already. His image film for Ruhr 2010, the European capital of culture”received the Grand Prix Victoria gold (Vienna, April 2010) and the Intermedia-globe gold (Hamburg, may 2009) also the mercury Awards Gold (New York, March 2009). FlexStrom is pleased that we could inspire a well-known Director for the issue of electricity and power switching”, says FlexStrom CEO Mundt.

Consumers should be motivated campaign specifically to compare their electricity prices and to opt for cheap alternatives to basic supply. For a family household, a saving of several hundred euros per year arises often. The FlexStrom stock company exists for about seven years. founded in 2003 as a family business, FlexStrom counts approximately 400 employees in Berlin and has established itself as one of the largest independent energy suppliers in Germany in recent years. FlexStrom commercial: your press contact: Press Office of FlexStrom Aktiengesellschaft Reichpietschufer 86-90, 10785 Berlin your contact person: Dirk Hempel phone: (030) 214-998 470 E-Mail: Internet:

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