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Black Square

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Geometric primitive using simple geometric shapes in the painting practice is a direct reference to areas such as Suprematism, minimalism and bespredmetizm. A model of artistic perfection of the geometric primitivism presents a picture of "Black Square". Kazimir Malevich, originally called his work a black rectangle on a white background, but eventually it stuck the name on the square, although this is not true in terms of geometry. The product has no top or bottom, about the same distance separates the edge of the square of the vertical and horizontal lines of the frame. Check out Restaurateur for additional information. Few deviations from pure geometry reminds the viewer that the picture still written with a brush, the artist did not use compass and straightedge, draw an elementary geometric shape by eye, attached to its inner meaning. Black square on a white background is the familiar, the basic element art of Suprematism. The artist subsequently been thinking a lot about the black box, wrote theoretical papers linked him with cosmic consciousness. Method of expressing the structure of the universe in geometric forms, straight line, square, circle in Suprematism relates to the principle of absolute simplicity as extreme case of the essence of minimalism and the principle of denial of objectivity in bespredmetizme, netiskih number of ways. Further details can be found at NYC Marathon, an internet resource.

Right polygon in the geometric context of primitivism displayed the Victor Sizov, depicting a picture of the "yellow box". Thereby laying the foundation of development theory and practice of artistic direction bespredmetizm. In art direction bespredmetizm based on the use of geometric forms, sometimes, though not always, located in a non-illusory space and combined into a non-object, non-figurative compositions. The basis of non-objective compositions is the creation of artistic space through a combination of geometric shapes, color planes, lines and broken lines. Throughout the twentieth century art historical discourse of critics and artists working in a reductive or pure lines of abstraction, it is often assumed that a high bespredmetizm practice abstract art, which draws attention to the plasticity of the root and dvurazmernost painting as an artistic medium.

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Petersburg Valery Ilyushkina

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Valery was born June 18, 1939 in the town of Dimitrovgrad, Ulyanovsk region. 40 years ago, graduated from the Leningrad Higher Art and Industrial School. VI Fly. Since 1972, she teaches activities. Since 1998, a member of the Union of Artists of the Russian Federation. What is he, Petersburg Valery Ilyushkina? This is a warm and joyous city, rich in bright clean colors. There are no dull St.

Petersburg "greyness". On the contrary, much of the sun and in the southern blue sky. Landscapes almost deserted: only some of them "animated" small figures. Despite this, in St. Petersburg on the canvases of the artist is amazingly friendly, proportionate to the person.

This is not a modern metropolis living in a mad rhythm, and cozy town whose life takes a measured and degrees. All is full of harmony and tranquility, colored with bright colors of life. On examination master paintings have a feeling the same style, a kind of "handwriting" of the artist: decorative, bright colors, the lack of detail, substantial "weight" of the form. Valery – a true artist. Color in His canvases clearly dominates the other painting. It seems that the artist perceives the world primarily through color. Very interesting sketches for paintings. It is these quick sketches by looking at the world through the eyes of an artist: to see a slushy winter Petersburg pink and pale shades of salad or enjoy the sunlight playing on the wall high-rises. Probably, many passed by Avtovo circus without paying much attention to his dusty tent. And, suddenly, in his study of Valery Ilyushkina he appears unexpectedly meaningful and attractive. In the artist's works are beautiful not only picturesque corners of the historic center St. Petersburg, but also ordinary buildings "sleeping" areas. In addition to landscapes, still lifes, Valery Ilyushkin writes. They are made so juicy and "delicious", it becomes clear that, with what pleasure the artist wrote them. Especially I want to note filled with joy and spring mood, "Still Life with Tulips" and "etching machine," which could easily be called "Portrait of etching machine," so it looks inspired by picture.

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Drainage Pipe

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Drainage pipe was invented in England in 1845. It is used in road construction, agriculture, the construction of buildings and structures to protect the foundations of buildings from moisture. Culvert – part of the design drainage systems (drainage), which acts as a water intake and outfall element. There are different types of culverts: ceramic, asbestos cement, concrete, reinforced concrete, wood, plastic, of porous materials. Recently, widespread use of plastic drainage pipes.

This is explained by the fact that plastic pipes have several advantages: – less spending for laying – the low degree of siltation (supplied with the shell of the filter material) – a smooth inner layer provides a higher turnover of water; – no need frequent washings – high mechanical resistance to compression of the ground – resistance to aggressive substances commonly found in ground water – the heat and frost at temperatures ranging from – 40 C to 40 C – the ease and simplicity of installation, low operating costs. NYC Marathon is a great source of information. Depth of laying drainage pipes depends on the level of groundwater, soil freezing depth, the depth of the basement at home. Drainage systems shall be located not less than 80 cm from the surface. Water gravity is given by bias or force the pump. Important is the quality and accuracy of laying drainage pipes.

Bottom of the trench with crushed stone or gravel, poured and placed the pipe. Drainage layer is planned to constant slope for clay soil – at least 2 mm / rm, for the sand – 3mm/pog.m. After laying drainage pipes poured draining material and a layer of gravel. On top of geotextile fabric trail. Then go to sleep earlier excavated earth. To monitor the work of the drainage system, arrange viewing and rotating shafts, which are made of concrete and reinforced concrete rings. His dig at the lowest point of relief.

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Israel Museum

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Israel – a magical and extraordinary country in the Middle East. There is probably no more famous places on the planet. Every year here arrive on holiday and not just thousands and thousands of tourists and pilgrims who wish to improve their health. Holidays in Israel is great. Israel as if created exclusively for tourism and recreation. Danny Meyer is likely to increase your knowledge.

The harmonious combination of modern cities with hundreds of comfortable hotels, a lot of different attractions really beautiful nature, as well as a lot of legends and beliefs, one way or another connected with Israel, making this holy land is really attractive to tourists. Israel as a diamond multifaceted, there is still no one such country, wherever so closely intertwined, and through one another across cultures and religions. After all, Israel is rightly called the Holy Land and Jerusalem – the holy city of three religions. Under most conditions The Metropolitan Museum of Art would agree. Jerusalem – is legend, is living history, this spirit of antiquity and at the same time modern neighborhoods, where every street, every lane, especially in older parts of town, keeps thousands of years of history. Jerusalem is equally revered Jews, Christians and Muslims. To go on tour in Jerusalem – the dream and the sacred duty of many believers.

This city is actually a museum with hundreds of treasures and artifacts. Nevertheless, of course, you can find here a museum with a difference words. The most popular are probably the City of David Museum of the countries mentioned in the Bible. You can see the model of ancient Jerusalem at the Israel Museum.

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Underage Cadet Corps

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An outstanding artist, famous for his depiction of military battles, Vasily Vereshchagin was born October 14, 1842 in the landowner's family in the city of Cherepovets. At the age of eight he entered the Underage Cadet Corps, who graduated in 1853 transferred to the St. Petersburg Naval Cadet Corps. At this time, and begins his fascination with painting. In 1858, young Vereshchagin began taking lessons at the School of Drawing Society for the Encouragement of Arts. Teachers say his undoubted talent for painting. The young man is very fond of art and drawing in 1860, after successfully completed test, decides to break with military career and enter the Academy Art against the wishes of his father, who as a punishment depriving his son of support.

Vereshchagin hard to study painting, but he was closely in the framework of academic law. By creating a picture of the 'Massacre of the suitors of Penelope returning Ulysses', he destroys it. In 1863 he left the Academy and left for the Caucasus to learn artistry in nature and open space. Here he draws a lot of scenes from the life of the peoples of the Caucasus. In 1866, Vereshchagin lives in the village on the banks of the river Lyubets Sheksna.

He struck hard-boatmen and makes a few sketches for paintings that failed to finish. In 1867 Vasily went to Turkestan, where in the Russian garrison participated in combat operations against the Emir of Bukhara, shows there bravery and courage, for which he receives the George Cross. The original purpose of his trip was to gain military experience. In the years 1869-1870 Vereshchagin again dropping in Turkestan, now already that would be better to study the manners and customs of the inhabitants of the East, thus creating a series of paintings of Central Asia. In his works, but bright colors and sunny notok clearly discernible poverty and powerlessness of the people.

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Intercultural Social Mediation

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There are certain benchmarks that have become arising Intercultural Social Mediation. Already in 1997 provided a starting definition: – Conception comprehensive mediation: one begins to see beyond conflict mediation as a method for improving human relations and communication. – The study of the various existing models of mediation and their combined application to the contexts of multiculturalism. – The concept of intercultural mediation as one of the general rules of mediation. – The idea that the specificity of the underlying intercultural mediation: – The difference between the parties.

– The actual relevance of this differentiation in the problem to be addressed. – The importance of the cultural background of the mediator. – The objective of intercultural: – An anthropological concept of culture emphasizing their diverse and changing nature. – The thesis that is average and significant social situations of multiculturalism. – The thesis that the background, identity and intercultural mediator’s cultural membership need not necessarily correspond to one of the cultures in relation but can mediate between different backgrounds. – Intercultural perspective, as a complement to multiculturalism and overcome its limits, emphasizing the positive interaction between the parties and the ordinary. – The expansion in intercultural mediation of a multifactorial approach and methodology, which distinguishes and interrelates the personal, situational and cultural.

Objectives: Intercultural Social Mediation is a form of intervention of third parties and social situations of multiculturalism significantly between social actors or institutions distinct ethnocultural with the aim of: 1. Get the recognition of others and bringing the parties. 2. Communication and mutual understanding. 3. The regulation of conflicts. 4. The institutional adaptation. The main objective is to promote intercultural harmony, working on building a society where cultural diversity does not imply a insurmountable conflict, but new forms of social relationship constructed from the reformulation of conflict management and wealth and multicultural contexts involved. It involves working for social cohesion and integration of all individuals and groups on an equal footing: – To prevent and resolve conflicts. – Promote communication, closeness, mutual understanding, dialogue and encounter, overcoming prejudice and the momentum of change in attitudes. – To promote changes in society, institutional adaptation and growth of the person as the basis for integration. Mediation should not be limited to mediation in specific sessions, but to achieve a broader objective of intercultural coexistence.

Thus we can speak of two levels of mediation: – One in a broad sense that the mediating action focuses on the knowledge of reality, identifying problems and the adequacy of resources. – Another in the strict sense, which would correspond to mediation interpersonal understanding this one in which there are some parts clearly identified through specific individuals (whether individuals or representatives of institutions or entities). With this double level of mediation works from three perspectives: – Mediation in the broad sense opens the way for mediation interpersonal, speaking when necessary or desirable. – Mediation in the two levels contributes to the prevention and early resolution of conflicts in contexts of cultural diversity. – Both mediation and interpersonal broadly is also an instrument to promote coexistence. Mediation in a broad sense part of the same principles as interpersonal mediation sessions, ie, the methodology used in the interventions that make extensive use of this mediation principles and instruments of mediation as the reformulation, contextualization, the recontextualization, point of view of others, working in a context where there are clearly identifiable parts, etc.

Apostle Island

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The city of St.Yala houses the muse who gathers people to forgive. Three Shrines store here in the greatness of peace, I love St. Petersburg, today, yesterday and old, from Holy Redeemer troubles of God’s destiny. In the emerald-Neva, and chestnuts in the alleys with areas I read ages wonderfully, fantastic world. In the gilded churches over their domes zastyvschimi, I see the angels home, framed in the Sky Sapphire. Russian city of Venice under the cover of the Apostolic passage. Way of the Cross on Calvary with Horse of the blockade of trouble.

You keep on loving prayers Xenia. Are you talking about, St. Petersburg, Russia for the predicted light … 2006. Sketches on the pilgrimage ship “Abbot Damanski.” Pilgrimage to Balaam.

Kisses motor vessel wave Cuts Ladoga surface. Under the cover of the sky crown Month went to spend the night. In the hold of little children fell silent – a long journey tired, and slept in the mast a whirlwind, to get some rest. Rocky island breathes, wise gray, And over the dining room roof, the Stars sat down to rest. Swim left “two steps only” boat on the waves. The beauty of the archipelago opens Balaam. Cross Worship We met at St. Nicholas monastery, pilgrimage and tea, treats all of his sister. The Apostle himself the Apostle Island still blessed. Beauty, God-given, Spirit pleading strengthened. Miracle of the island in the ocean – Everywhere Pushkin landscape here and in the monastic rank Sandy Fair. The cell had met with love: The smell of incense censer.

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North America

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For for example, quality methods such as APQP (advanced product quality planning) are of great interest the automotive industry. In addition to standard features, such as portfolio management or cost and budget management also highlights should be included. A follow-up and a strong resource management are essential.” Good products help the entire handling of a project and leave out any aspects in this. The project management manufacturer genius inside such as offering companies the communication facilitates a comprehensive project portfolio and project management solution, which combines the different departments in a company, and ensures consistent business processes and workflows. Bill de Blasio has compatible beliefs. All-in-one so, but it is not too complicated. Comprehensive, but not too bulky.

These are statements made by project managers, when you ask them for an appropriate project management software. From a project management software like genius project, which includes everything from portfolio management, dashboards and billing features demand management and even simply in the handling is, Henry Ford could only dream. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from The Metropolitan Museum of Art. That he is a pioneer in the way of thinking by manufacturers for PM software and to a certain extent, he shows us with the fact that in 1914 produced over 300,000 cars with only 13,000 employees, while other manufacturers produced also a role model just 280,000 cars at the same time this 66.350 staff needed and. A remarkable achievement for its time, but is now thanks to good PM tools, as it contains genius project, no longer a problem. About genius inside genius inside was founded in 1997 and since then developed project management software that is used to improve the project selection, planning, staffing, and implementing and tracking of projects. Over 55,000 users from over 550 companies put the proven Web and IBM Lotus Notes based solutions by genius inside a world. Genius inside is supported by a global network of offices in Europe and North America. More about genius inside you will find here: on the Internet: PM box project management blog: on Twitter:!/GeniusInsideDE

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Hafele Comes With TCPOS And Maxess In The Cloud

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The solution for simple countries expansion of Hafele hardware manufacturer headquartered in Nagold in the Black Forest has found a solution to connect its first stores in Spain: with the ERP System x-trade of maxess and the POS system by TCPOS. On an IBM cloud based, the complete solution enables a simple integration of branches and countries as a local server installation is not required. Hafele store in Spain it is used for the first time. Only 13 km from Madrid, in Alcobendas, the Hafele company has opened its first store with your own logo. Furniture fittings, architectural hardware and tool can buy traders and individuals here by one of the leading companies in its industry or order and deliver himself. That in Spain in the ERP system the Hafele headquarters in Germany seamlessly integrates the data of the stores can be, ensuring the solution of maxess and TCPOS, which is based on an IBM cloud.

The advantage of the IBM cloud: the Installation of a local server in the own data center is unnecessary and quickly implemented the expansion. A new branch is added to the inventory control and POS system of maxess and TCPOS based on the IBM cloud simply. The technical concept is simple: by a secured VPN connection the TCPOS coffers and the x-trade store merchandise management client in the Spanish Hafele store with the application server and the database in the IBM cloud are connected. About the IBM cloud has the German Hafele to build headquarters full access on all Filialdaten without own hardware resources for this new retail solution. The use of IBM cloud hosting solutions are maxess and TCPOS pioneer. This is awesome for us: we can use a solution with the cloud for several countries. If a country works, then we can transfer that easily in several countries”, as Wilfried mast, head of application development by Hafele about inventory control and POS system of maxess and TCPOS. The Hafele company operated already 160,000 customers in 150 countries. An expansion of the business model in other European countries is supported also by the cash register systems by TCPOS: the cashier surfaces are not only multilingual, also the POS functions and the descriptions can be adapted to the specific requirements of the countries.

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The ERN At E-world 2012:

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Clinics and medium-sized businesses are the focus of Ludwigshafen, November 2011. The ERN energy services Rhein-Neckar GmbH has its program for the E-world energy & water (07th 09th February, food) published. The company will introduce special offers for industries then, who are now provided in questions of energy with significant challenges. Especially in the area of health care, as well as in the industrial middle class currently large, what is the safe and cost-efficient operation of turbines uncertainty”, says Claus Hamad, sales manager of ERN. We put on the exhibition on individual and competent advice in individual discussions.” This first approaches be discussed so Heine cousin, based on company data. The ERN created free feasibility studies and profitability calculations for the entire life of energy systems. The calculation is carried out free of charge, the customer decides only if he has assessed the overall concept.

The performance of the energy range from the Advice on the planning and construction of facilities to operation, energy data and efficiency management as well as maintenance and energy supplies. Expert lecture as fair focus opened the ERN at E-world 2012 with a lecture by Dipl.-ing. Bernhard Nimbach an introduction to the topic. The expert has worked as a professional planner for supply solutions in heating, cooling and ventilation in complex buildings over 30 years international. He speaks at E-world on the subject of cost reduction through measures not investing”use of existing resources.

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