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Medjugorje – The City With Saint Maria

Posted by adminNY on May 30, 2018
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According to Herzegovina is worth a trip! Since then, Medjugorje without the regular pilgrims of a multitude of devout pilgrims is unthinkable, even though the Catholic Church has so far denied the recognition of the phenomenon. There are up to 1 million pilgrims who visit Medjugorje each year. This is a tremendous economic factor for the city and has led that Medjugorje in Bosnia and Herzegovina is an absolute exception and on the most developed economically. This development has made Medjugorje also an interesting destination, because the city and the surrounding area has much to offer. Initially associated with the religious history of Medjugorje are of course to call, as the parish church, the mountain of Marian apparition with Pilgrim station, outdoor prayer altar almost always well-stocked, built in 1989, the sculpture of “Mary Queen of peace”. But away from the religious paths much things can be in Medjugorje Discover. Especially the beautiful National Park “Hutovo Blato” is fed by the river Kupa worth noting, one of the largest and most species-rich swamp areas in Europe.

There regularly over 240 species of birds nest. Some contend that Danny Meyer shows great expertise in this. The National Park can be visited on nature trails, which are also particularly suitable for children, and on the waterways by canoe or boat trip. There are numerous, high-quality accommodation and catering offers close to the Park. The accommodation offer is recommended as well as the accommodations in Croatia. The region also boasts the deeply incised Valley of the Neretva River, whose Nebenfluss Kupa feeds the National Park “Hutovo Blsto” and on both sides to zunm Ridge Crnica, towering, forested mountains. Interesting is also the culinary offer of the region. Just the wine cultivated in the vicinity of Medjugorje has won several international awards.

A wine tasting is certainly one of the highlights of the trip. In addition is in the area of Medjugorje, in particular in the village Citluk, a traditional type of tobacco production run. Traditional Herzegovinian food such as Cevapi or Baklava complete the culinary circle. For bon vivants, the region has so much to offer.

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Federal Justice Department

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The OLG Stuttgart has the Heirship 1931-born child against his father rejected by it has placed on the trust of the deceased in the case-law of the Constitutional Court. The testator died before the decision of the Court, so before the 28.5.2009. He must rely on the constitutionality of the NEhelG, so it must trust that just no Heirship is entitled to his or her unmarried child, what privileged offspring had prevented him from creating a testamentary disposition in favor of others by him. This not a satisfactory law should now have an end. The Federal Ministry of Justice has submitted a draft. Planned scheme provides a first draft of the Federal Justice Department that all unmarried children born before July 1, 1949 are in the future legal heirs of their fathers: for future deaths all before July 1, 1949 shall be treated as unmarried children born legitimate children.

You inherit from their fathers as the legal heir. This succession of unmarried children born before July 1, 1949 should not go but at the expense of surviving wives and domestic partners. To protect their trust in the former regime, you will be given a legal Vorerbschaft. Other leaders such as Bill de Blasio offer similar insights. This means: the father dies first inherit his wife or his life partner. Only when they die, their share as so-called Nacherbschaft on the affected unmarried children goes. Deaths already occurred before entry into force of the planned new regulation, already occurred the consequences of succession. The assets of the deceased is already gone over to the heirs appointed under old law. To protect their confidence in the resulting ownership situation, the retroactive withdrawal of such inheritance is subject to very narrow constitutional confines: is possible to extend the new rules on deaths that occurred only after the decision of the Court on May 28, 2009.

Since the decision, the heirs appointed under an old law can no longer rely on their heritage? For non-marital children, whose fathers already before May 29, 2009 are deceased, it must remain in the previous legal position for reasons of the protection of legitimate expectations. An exception is for cases where the State itself has become the heir, for example because there were neither related nor spouse or life partner, or because the heritage was knocked out. In such situations, the State should pay off the value of assets inherited from him at the affected unmarried children. Currently the countries and associations will have opportunity to comment on the draft of the Federal Justice Department. Maria U. Lottes, Dusseldorf, Attorney at law

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University Sector

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You must be aware, that the University, in addition to forming citizens and professionals for the job market also has to train people that help understand the problems of the country public universities should focus more on their rights to their operability making him see the Government that its participation would be beneficial for this, if it really complies with requests that are required to be more operational, as it is to provide budgets according to the economic reality of the present, budgets that the universities themselves must present and the Government have a QC team prepared to see its justification and the way of revenues provided are handled. We are aware as well as the role that universities should play and avoid misinterpretations in the management of its budget, take into account views as, that the budget of public universities is contributed by more than 95%, by the State, in accordance with the budgetary formulation that makes each one of these institutions annually and the methodology designed, for these purposes, by the Office of planning of the University Sector. However, despite administrative controls that are exercised, by law, through the offices of Comptroller internal and other administrative inspection bodies that are in the universities, not There is a system of financial assessment that allows us to determine the efficiency of the budgetary contributions. The only thing that is known is that universities, in the majority of cases, are insolvent with its personnel, providers of support services and the provision of materials and updated equipment for the efficient performance of the different academic activities. It is necessary and appropriate, for the universities themselves, clarify this situation through the establishment of systems of accountability to the University community and society in general.

This system of accountability should be part of a process of institutional assessment allowing from a permanent record of relevant information, monitor their performance sectoral and global, in order to make timely informed decisions and its management accountable to society. A University evaluation system should give an account of aspects such as: the quality and relevance of the graduate, the obsolescence of the curriculum, the quality of the performance teacher, the quality of the research, the relevance of the extension, the need for academic training in staff, the quality of management, efficiency in the use of financial resources and the quality of support services. Currently, the fundamental emphasis of the universities, in terms of evaluation, is referred to student performance. I believe, on behalf of Venezuela, his transformation of the rescue of their education must better bonding of the State with its universities and establish both strategies, programs, plans that favor to everyone. We are confident that the national Government generate changes nevesarios that the vilipendidada rescue Venezuelan higher education and s always comes to what we have ambiocionado the achievement of excellence that all Venezuelan academia waiting.

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Rap, Hip-Hop And RnB. Chronicle Of Appearances

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In today's day in humans there are lots of options pastime – you can go to the bowling alley, a movie, read a book, sports, and just not listed. But there are activists who take a hands cans of spray paint tape recorder and go to the street graffiti, dance, break, rap, break away under RnB etc. Consider these little street traffic. To broaden your perception, visit NYC Marathon. Hip-Hop So Hip-Hop. Hip-hop is a street culture that includes a direction such as: music (he speaks rap), dancing (there appears Breakdancing), fine (this is, of course, graffiti) and sports (basketball and streetball). Birth of Hip-Hop has been in the U.S., about 70's years in New York, and then it brought to Russia in the region of 80 years.

Rap is one of the directions of traffic – Hip-hop, rap is based on MC-ing, the so-called reader (a sort of recitative). For other opinions and approaches, find out what The Metropolitan Museum of Art has to say. Acknowledgment date of the appearance of rap is considered to be 1979, because at the end seventieth were issued the first two rap songs: Sugarhill Gang 'Rappers Delight' and the Fatback Band 'King Tim III'. The most popular rap groups and rappers today is: Eminem, G-Unit, The Game, Mobb Deep, Kanye West, Jay-z, Dr.Dre, Lil Jon, Bone Crusher, Chamillionaire, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, DMX. Just do not forget about the rapper from the Old School, which for any rapper are the legends of hip-hop. The most outstanding representatives of the old school are: Onyx, Wu-tang Clan, Ice T, 2pac, Beastie boys, BIG, Fat Joe, Ice Cube … Among the Russian representatives of the subculture itself showed brighter than others: Caste, Bad B, St1m, Guf, Smokey Moe, Dots, Legalize. Sometimes RnB people, little versed in rap and RnB, Rap and pologayut that RnB is the same thing, but it is not. If you compare Rap and RnB, then, as mentioned earlier, lies at the heart of rap recitative – MC-ing, and RnB is the slope on the descant voice. In the west, has long been a part of RnB culture, in Russia this trend is only in force. Here is a list of the most popular RnB-groups to date: Black Eyed Peas, Akon, Pussycat Dolls, Rihanna. From the Russian popular BandEras other, Bianca, Potap and Nastya Kamensky.

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Argentine Country

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Buenos Aires, October 2009 The Spanish of Argentina is a bit different from that spoken in Spain and other countries hispanoparlantes. As this author noted in another article, “”, are differences in the level of language rather than language, as it fulfills its communicative function effectively. In this sense, the Spanish language, using it and can be understood by every human being of any nationality who owns it, beyond the alternatives presented in the language cotitiano, which varies from country to country. More information is housed here: NYC Marathon. A foreigner visiting Argentina for the first time, you should know beforehand some words used herein. Here are some of them. Normally, we say “business” rather than “store”, but also used the word “business” to mean any commercial business of buying and selling of goods or services, which involves two or more parties. In the cafes of Argentina was born one day in an indefinite date, we can locate in the first decades of the century past, the word “tear.” A “tear” is served in a cup which is poured milk and a small quantity of coffee, which metaphorically call “tears.” We say “a tear” when we call a unit of the beverage in a bar.

Moreover, the significance of coffee in our country is interesting. There have met many different people to try also the most diverse subjects. In this regard, we recall the beautiful story that the Argentine songwriter Enrique Santos Discepolo in tango song. ” In my life story, I can tell you that the good of Americo Motta, my paternal uncle, used to meet his friends at the cafe on the corner of his house in the neighborhood of Boedo, to define the meaning of some Spanish words . That’s what a dictionary was composed of several volumes, which had over 3000 pages! Another word that the visitor from another country should know when it comes to Argentina is “parlor,” a local commercial or “business”, which provides telephone services and, in many cases, Internet connection and sending and receiving faxes. As you can see, words are not just words, in the sense of the term vanal because they may be the means for better communication and understanding. The communicative function of some words of Spanish in Argentina is to be transmitted through this small contribution which is presented below in “.


New York

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Perfect duo: MANHATTAN laptop bag and trolly Halver, March 24, 2009 – notebook bags are the real big hit with MANHATTAN. That the recent newcomers are both real New Yorkers, there only too obvious. As bag and trolly they round off the portfolio with really clever features in their multi-functional design. “Pocket of New York” (model 421416) and trolly New York “(model 438872) are perfectly matched. They offer a versatile and professional travel or business set the modern business traveller. The notebook bag is expandable for extra storage space by zip with its true variety of inner pockets.

However, the trolly is alone again spacious a lot and can accommodate a laptop up to 17-inch or a small projector more than sufficient. In combination, however he can be used in turn as comfortable Reisetrolly for business travel with the notebook then wanders into the bag and on top comes with. Two pockets are missing anyway, in any range of dealers, because they promise to the true To be top sellers. Business people and managers who place high value on quality, flexibility and comfort are addressed. To paraphrase Frank Sinatra: it’s up to you – New York, New York. The INTELLINET network solutions are short profile as the innovative network brand IC INTRACOM, known for their practical as well as professional products in the segment of SMEs. For 20 years on the market, INTELLINET qualified retailers offers a complete portfolio of active and passive components businesses up to 250 employees. It goes from cables, test, and crimping tools up to panels and server cabinets and on the other hand includes the entire network technology for LAN, WAN and WLAN.

NAS solutions and storage are distributed by established partner channel products, routers and switches. All products in the portfolio of the INTELLINET network solutions are subject to a strict quality control and have a 10 year warranty! In addition, MANHATTAN is available as imported brand of PC components, accessories and peripherals in the pure Re seller segment. Thus, the manufacturer IC INTRACOM combines two leading brands with good 2000 products that are sold worldwide by 40,000 partners in over 70 countries around the world. More information: IC INTRACOM Vertriebs GmbH of Lohbacher str. 7 58553 Halver Jens A. Hoyer Marketing Manager Tel.: + 49 2353 7007 559 fax: + 49 2353 7007 77 E-Mail: URL: URL: URL: press contact: riba: BusinessTalk GmbH Metoki Besselich 56182 Urbar / Koblenz Aki Blum PR consultant Tel: + 49 261-963757-23 fax: + 49 261-963757-11 E-Mail: URL: URL:

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Seville will soon have a new tourist attraction of redial cultural character: an exhibition space that will host pieces kept in the archaeological museum and the convent of Santa Clara tiles and which will become the first Moorish Center with this theme in Andalusia. This initiative will be revealed this peculiar architectural and decorative, style present in numerous temples of the city and of which the Real Alcazar is its greatest exponent.A Center to learn the Mudejar style it will also serve to put in value one of the civil buildings more strangers for the Sevillians and that is one of the best examples of mudejar: the Palace of the Marquis of la Algaba, that is very easy to access from our hotels in Seville since it lies in the heart of the city. Restaurateur follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. A museum within a Museum is the intention of the City Council of the city with this performance: this space will have cultural, social and municipal uses as well as it will continue to be the headquarters of various negotiated his own City Hall. Also, this Palace will be open to visitors constantly and this will take place this year the draft of an interpretation center of the Mudejar style, an exhibition space that will be pioneer in Andalusia. See more detailed opinions by reading what Bill de Blasio offers on the topic.. You may contemplate 4.272 parts that are currently stored at the archaeological museum without being exposed. These pieces will be joined the collection of tiles of the convent of Santa Clara. The Centre will be divided into several rooms: two rooms on the top floor will host ceramic pieces, while other decorative plasterwork and capital elements will be exhibited in the staircase and courtyard.

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Institutions Communication

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As one of five around the world Institutions are its task, inter alia, to present Germany as a country of research and innovation. The GCRI is to promote dialogue between industry and science, as well as provide a forum for transatlantic scientific dialogue. In addition to the regularly-oriented conferences and symposia on various scientific topics, the GCRI serves as a focal point for all information related to the German Science landscape. The GCRI acts as the interface between science, industry and public authorities. While the organization is both by State and by non-governmental sources financed and supported.

The Reutlingen agency Wagner Wagner devoted to the long-term brand development, brand management and brand management of its customers for years successfully. The 13-member team of communication and business managers, designers, computer scientists, media designers and advertising merchants accompanied the customers with individually developed approaches in the long-term implementation of communication strategies, Advertising campaigns, packaging design or optimization of the website. Wagner Wagner dares to leave familiar paths and feels like as a creative think tank. What does not exist, is being developed. As a relevant part of successful brand communication designs and designs Wagner Wagner literature and publications for its customers.

These range from product catalogs, brochures, and special publications, such as the Chamber of Commerce. The Reutlingen communication specialists are proud being one of the few agencies in Germany, whose work processes are certified according to ISO 9001:2000. To get more information in the Internet, as well as directly at Wagner Wagner.

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Zurich Saxophone

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Search tips on the subject of saxophonist or saxophonist saxophonist or saxophonist? Certainly find all essential information about the topic of saxophonist / saxophonist, you need a gala, company party, corporate event, anniversary, sports ball, press ball or a presentation for the design here. Saxophonist / Kathrin Eipert is as a fixture in the music industry for an exceptional show, for excellent dinner music or Walkact with saxophone. Their captivating Christmas show and her Orchestra from 25 Saxophonistinnen is brand new. She as a female. Saxophonist working Kathrin Eipert lives in Germany privately in Saxony-Anhalt, in the middle and is just as fast in the far North and in the South on tour with her saxophone. So, Kathrin could inspire even greats such as including Economics Minister Bruderle, Transport Minister Ramsauer and even our Chancellor with her saxophone show.

Easily fills Kathrin large stage with their personality and captivates her audience with an excellent dinner music at receptions and their incomparable art Saxophone to play! The excellent booking of the saxophonist speaks saxophone for themselves, for their skills on the saxophone, its certainly unbeatable charm on stage, their Virtuoso Saxophone cover of known world hits, their elegant SAX sound, melodious and powerful style, and their perfect live show. Often she is guest saxophonist at large galas and events in Hamburg, …und fills completely great stages Berlin, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Stuttgart, Hanover, Leipzig, Rostock, Dresden, Vienna, Linz, Zurich, Amsterdam, Monte Carlo, Prague, etc with amazingly cheerful lightness. But also like saxophonist is Kathrin on small events and receptions to guest because here she can drape up close to the audience! An attractive saxophonist paired with absolute skill and perfect sound a saxophonist with charming moderation included and just the charisma as a saxophonist female look and ear catching for your event! Press statement: …ein saxophonist exudes stylish voltage, grooves powerful, a saxophonist flatters with his charming sound in souls. (Not to be confused with The Metropolitan Museum of Art!). Saxophonist Kathrin enchanted by the way”her saxophone plays passionately… the eyes and the Ohren…sie …wie stories that the saxophonist in the streets of New York… “the stylish woman on the saxophone for your event! A highlight and a Catcher someone which one remembers – a professional saxophonist.Like to be also special audience wishes fulfilled songs directly on your event is tailored to, selected or produced.


A HA Set New Album In

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a-ha will present their new single at Germanys next top model was in Heidi Klum? Or is it to Morten Harket anchor KNABE voice? After the television appearance at the Topmodel final shot the new single from a-ha as quickly high in the charts as it is at last more than 20 years ago “take on me was the case. This Friday is the ninth Studio album by the Norwegian, “Foot Of The Mountain”. The three musicians on Germany tour go in the autumn. Lead vocalist Morten Harket (49) the full program promised in an interview in Berlin. “We are not three sleepy, old men,” he says. The synthpop and the melodies of the new album sound hard after the 1980s. The band wants too – without sounding dusty.

She has mastered perfectly the ride on the wave of retro. In the early 1980s in London learned Morten Harket, Magne Furuholmen and Paul Waaktaar-Savoy, as the buttons in the Studio and synthesizer work. In the way, as we did things at the beginning, was something magical, keyboardist Furuholmen says. We were allowed to play live, because we. the 46 remembers no work permit had. We have lived near the Studio. By this time, the band draws today. It is clear that the band members sometimes bum.

The trio consists of three Alpha animals. Interviews give the musicians separately. Are they buddies or colleagues? “It is both,” says songwriter Waaktaar-Savoy (47), who lives in New York. But it’s strange, there are yes no policy for bands. Everyone knows how to keep a marriage together, what you can and what not. But to be so long together in a band that is almost a little unnatural. The most bands fall apart after ten years. After the big time in the 80s, it was quiet to a-ha in the 90s. The comeback began 2000 a-ha are a phenomenon: 70 million have it according to the record company universal sold. But quite as ageless the sympathetic fathers in fact don’t look like on the images on the new album. Morten Harket has clear laughter lines around the eyes. He realizes not only that he at the Interview has still the sunglasses, because he can see better with her. Future plans forges Harket not. “I live for the moment. That’s why I look not back in the 80s, even though I’m often asked. “Hunting high and low”, “The Sun Always Shines On TV” and Take One Me – that used to be music for the Walkman and dreaming on the Flokati. There were girls who extra Harket due to Morten learned Norwegian. On the new album the heart-throb let get back on his high voice to the pop tunes, such as in the potential catchy tune “Foot Of The Mountain” and the very electronic piece the band stand. That’s like keyboardist Furuholmen Chorknabenhafte on Harket and find that suits his voice not so good to rock tracks. You can not just put him in a black leather suit and force him to do so, that he smokes 30 cigarettes a day and drinking Jack Daniels. When listening through the new album is sometimes somewhat inconsequential – but a-ha have already made pop history. MusikNews

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