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Managing Director

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With the relaunch from mid-April, the leading portal for online jobs, is jomondo, its Jobbern and clients present an enhanced offer. Since mid-2011, 20% from abroad are registered with jomondo 550,000 members, approximately. With 23 million calls per month is jomondo according to Nielsen NetView to the 250 most visited portals in Germany. jomondo is currently represented in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland on the market. jomondo jobbers have the opportunity to offer their performance or to apply online to jobs and to earn money. Employers have the option to hand over their duties to jomondo members online or on-site. Well-known large companies already use the jomondo service for their projects.

jomondo has access to the entire E-Mail database of its co-shareholder Klaus Schober, Ditzingen, Germany. So far the company positioned itself jomondo as a portal for online jobbing and offered the possibility of online jobs all individuals, freelancers, contractors, and commercial clients to awarded and they do online from contractors to let, as well as the opportunity to offer online services. The 18.04.12 is jomondo its members a new service offer. To be able to offer now also jobs or their own performance on the ground, with the possibility opens the portal for offline job opportunities, such as babysitting and care, transport assistance and courier services, or but also repair services such as repairing electrical appliances such as televisions or janitorial work. Other services were lawyer discussions, translations in German English or other languages, as well as assisting in project planning and Office work, distributing flyers and many more tasks on the ground. With the ZL filtering client can write now regional jobs and people can find more jobs in your area.

Continue to every job and every set performance by jomondo hand checks before it is published to the portal. In addition, the members are more than Jobs in your area informed and can now directly with their Facebook data at jomondo register or login and apply for jobs. In the price comparison, the portal performs well and offer free of charge all services as registration, the application and also the set of jobs or services in the portal. With the relaunch of the site we offer now a portal for all the jobs our members, which can be found online, but done on the spot”, type-setter, Managing Director of jomondo GmbH, Dr. Marcel pleased.



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Marx adapted the dialectic of Hegel to develop dialectical materialism. He saw how the struggle of thesis and antithesis and its resulting synthesis always took place in the material and economic terrain. The central contribution of historical materialism is that history shows progress, not in a linear but cumulative, and that the cause of that progress is the struggle for the possession and control of the means of production. The ideas and political institutions would be the result of material production and conditions of distribution and consumption. For Marx, the continuous battle between opposing within modes of production forces inevitably leads to revolutionary changes, and eventually to communism, which would be the final recreation of a literally pre-historico State. Both Hegel and Marx are teleologic in his conception of history: both believe that history is progressive and addressed to a particular purpose.

The history of the means of production, therefore, is the structure of the story, and anything else, including the ideological discussion about the story itself, constitutes the superstructure. A classic example of history is written by the victors is the information that has come down to us from the Carthaginians. Roman historians attributed its secular enemies cruelties without story, including human sacrifices, that we can not compare with another version of the story. Similarly, we only have the Christian version of how Christianity became the dominant religion in Europe, but not the pagan version. We have the European version of the conquest of America, but not that of natives. Herodotus tells the Greek version of the Persian wars, but has not come down to us the Persian. A possible counter-example is the civil war, which the losers ridgeline have posted more information than the victors, to dominate the national perception of history (Confederate General Lee and Jackson are taken by superior to their adversaries, and movies like what the wind or the birth of a nation have fixed visual and sentimentally the point of view of the South in the collective imagination).

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Best Jobs

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Every employer seeks to selecting the best candidates for the most demanding jobs. And who is he, the best candidate? First of all, is a professional with many years of having a good education and desire to work hard and develop in the course of the work. Consider the main characteristics of the best candidate for the job. A good education can be anything from a higher technical, with those obtained specialized skills training courses, to medium. Let's look at what factors affect the search for 'ideal' of the long-term prospects. Here we must consider several questions: What Prospects for your chosen field? Is there a tendency to develop this industry, or it may soon disappear due to the arrival of new more efficient technologies? What is the average salary received by people in this or similar fields? Can you realistically expect to live on this amount? And, finally, determine if you require a high level of education. Perhaps there is no point in getting a master's degree, for example, if the industry enough degree. Continuous service shall be desirable for one company and one specialty.

If you worked from the outset of his career at one company it may be a good indicator. If you frequently change jobs, you can not get enough skills, while employers spend much time on your training. Therefore, if you have many jobs listed on your resume, you should be prepared to answer questions about why you went with a particular job. Willingness to work can sometimes be seen as a more valuable indicator than the higher education and business-like style. There are many instances when People who want to work and not having sufficient education coped significantly better than their educated peers with a low desire to perform work. Willingness to continue learning throughout your work the factor that makes you a better candidate. Technologies and techniques are constantly changing, as well as rules and regulations. Be prepared to keep pace with these changes, makes you a valuable employee, and the best specialist.