A Day In Berlin Schoneberg

Posted by adminNY on June 03, 2018

Berlin Schoneberg “Kaufhaus des Westens” and Wittenbergplatz with pizza delivery service… Schoneberg – one of West Berlin scene richer districts, where there is much to see and to experience. Are you a night owl? Or love the continuing culture? Or like it, to be a good man on a bench in the Sun to sit, the love God and want to enjoy the beautiful view? Then we welcome you in Berlin-Schoneberg. The district was merged in 2001 with Tempelhof. In this way, all Berlin districts on a total twelve were merged. Beautiful mountain but here goes it with all his charm to the Schoneberg district, which comprises the subdistricts of Schoneberg and Friedenau. It will be warm to the heart each Urberliner, if he listens to City Hall usher in the historic Liberty Bell from the Schoneberg.

The words of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, who brought the word pride in connection therewith, to Berlin are world famous. Also the Europe once largest is legendary “department store of the” West”, which opened its doors for the first time over a century ago on the Wittenbergplatz, with its 7 floors and not to verschmahenden”gourmet floors”, where to admire all delicacies and to acquire is. Even if it should be only a cool blonde, while it examined the sale at the cheese counter. Put your feet up at the “Vicky”, the Viktoria-Luise-Platz, which conveniently houses a metro station of same name, and views of the fountains, the course laid out beautifully with flowers and the wonderful architecture around it. Also the legendary lette-Verein, the famous training center is located there. Freshly rested you can listen in the bar “Yorckschlosschen” atmospheric live music scene and this sometimes meeting of one or the other celebrities. Promised: in this district you will fall in love. Probably you have friendships long since new. And because love goes through the stomach and the visit to the York lodge in the best sense wet Merry have been should, the best idea is to regain strength for the next day and to summarize, located on the cosy couch comfortably to make it. You are moved enough today, others are on it now! Just ordered a pizza at the pizza delivery service Berlin Schoneberg and while you back knuspern front you make plans for the next day, because: Schoneberg and its colourful inhabitants have to offer a lot more!

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