A Great Weekend In The Capital City

Posted by adminNY on October 29, 2021

You’re Berlin, so wonderfully who not familiar with Berlin, the song from the beer commercial on television? I must admit I could not confirm this set until a year ago. As a teenager I was a weekend in Berlin, I found corrosive Berlin. When I received an invitation nearly a year ago I was very skeptical whether I should or not accept. A colleague who had also received an invitation could persuade me last. More information is housed here: dayton . In August it then with the plane (is just more convenient and quicker) to Berlin. A short taxi ride, we arrived in our Hotel Berlin Berlin. ile Corporation. Since the day it ran, we took a drink at the hotel bar and then soon disappeared in our room. After breakfast, we had a small private tour through our hotel, where we got also the suites to see, could catch a glimpse into the Conference rooms and inspected”the kitchen.

The lead lasted an hour, actually we had now leisure. Since our hotel was already fairly centrally located. We had to not drive with public transport, but could reach everything comfortable walking. Past made stops at Potsdamer Platz, at the Holocaust Memorial, the Brandenburg Gate to the Chancellor’s Office (it was the open day, crowds were in the Chancellor’s Office and the Bundestag) we are back to the Brandenburg Gate and have unter den Linden considered,”made a little rest. What essential during a visit to Berlin, is the visit of the former Checkpoint Charlie, the most famous border crossing in Berlin was still divided between the American and Soviet sectors. Coincidentally I had my passport, for a small fee you can get get original stamp of all occupying powers in the pass, so I. We had our dose of culture for this weekend to the Kurfurstendamm shopping.

We are really only in the large, for a planet named electronics market. More we could no longer afford as we are. Okay, in the KDV we are money then, but still, a little bit We still had. On the last night, we got served a 3-course meal. I had eaten already long no longer so good. The next morning, we went after breakfast back to the airport, on the way there is then that we were not even on the victory column we noticed. Unfortunately, nothing it was precisely on this day almost all streets in Berlin Center for an event were locked. Well, it wasn’t bad, I’m certainly back because: Berlin, you’re so wonderful Berlin.


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