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Posted by adminNY on May 23, 2018

a-ha will present their new single at Germanys next top model was in Heidi Klum? Or is it to Morten Harket anchor KNABE voice? After the television appearance at the Topmodel final shot the new single from a-ha as quickly high in the charts as it is at last more than 20 years ago “take on me was the case. This Friday is the ninth Studio album by the Norwegian, “Foot Of The Mountain”. The three musicians on Germany tour go in the autumn. Lead vocalist Morten Harket (49) the full program promised in an interview in Berlin. “We are not three sleepy, old men,” he says. The synthpop and the melodies of the new album sound hard after the 1980s. The band wants too – without sounding dusty.

She has mastered perfectly the ride on the wave of retro. In the early 1980s in London learned Morten Harket, Magne Furuholmen and Paul Waaktaar-Savoy, as the buttons in the Studio and synthesizer work. In the way, as we did things at the beginning, was something magical, keyboardist Furuholmen says. We were allowed to play live, because we. the 46 remembers no work permit had. We have lived near the Studio. By this time, the band draws today. It is clear that the band members sometimes bum.

The trio consists of three Alpha animals. Interviews give the musicians separately. Are they buddies or colleagues? “It is both,” says songwriter Waaktaar-Savoy (47), who lives in New York. But it’s strange, there are yes no policy for bands. Everyone knows how to keep a marriage together, what you can and what not. But to be so long together in a band that is almost a little unnatural. The most bands fall apart after ten years. After the big time in the 80s, it was quiet to a-ha in the 90s. The comeback began 2000 a-ha are a phenomenon: 70 million have it according to the record company universal sold. But quite as ageless the sympathetic fathers in fact don’t look like on the images on the new album. Morten Harket has clear laughter lines around the eyes. He realizes not only that he at the Interview has still the sunglasses, because he can see better with her. Future plans forges Harket not. “I live for the moment. That’s why I look not back in the 80s, even though I’m often asked. “Hunting high and low”, “The Sun Always Shines On TV” and Take One Me – that used to be music for the Walkman and dreaming on the Flokati. There were girls who extra Harket due to Morten learned Norwegian. On the new album the heart-throb let get back on his high voice to the pop tunes, such as in the potential catchy tune “Foot Of The Mountain” and the very electronic piece the band stand. That’s like keyboardist Furuholmen Chorknabenhafte on Harket and find that suits his voice not so good to rock tracks. You can not just put him in a black leather suit and force him to do so, that he smokes 30 cigarettes a day and drinking Jack Daniels. When listening through the new album is sometimes somewhat inconsequential – but a-ha have already made pop history. MusikNews

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