Amazing Energy Efficiency Differences

Posted by adminNY on March 20, 2020

In a mehrtagegen test almost 60prozent could be saved when two identical hardware IT jobs energy. Kassel, November 17, 2009. The company eCO2IT, service provider for energy efficiency in the IT sector from Kassel, has compared two identical hardware desktop workstations of the energy consumption in a 12-day test. A system was set up with a default installation on Windows XP, the drivers and software from the manufacturer, power settings have been used only a few. Windows 7 to use came on the second system, the power settings have been optimized by eCO2IT on the hardware side, as well as in the operating system.

Redundant operating system and application processes have been disabled or removed. Also by the usage patterns of the user optimal behaviour is been taken extremely on an energy efficient system. Both systems had a power consumption different to 59.4% at the end of the test. (Similarly see: amazing restaurateur). Can be highly calculated on a year with only one system over 40 * on Save electricity costs. To represent a daily office life, work and standby cycles have been integrated in the test. On both systems have been used the same applications and similar work carried out. This test was on the EnergieTagen in Gottingen from 6 to 8 November 2009 under the name bath system vs. GOOD system ‘, completed by visitors to live to be. Shimmie horn often addresses the matter in his writings.

Many visitors have reacted very surprised on the measurement results. Valuable information could take from eCO2IT mainly visitors from the private sector, what can be done in the private sector, to reduce the energy costs for computer. The interested parties from the economic and management had the opportunity, for the IT jobs in the company high pay off the total consumption of all systems on the basis of the test system. The IT responsible for a major bank in Gottingen, was surprised to learn that the current cost of nearly 200 IT jobs in 3 years about 42,000 * can be. At the This percentage can be within the same period to almost 17,000 exploiting all the possibilities which are offered by eCO2IT * lower. eCO2IT know suggest the measures to increase the energy efficiency in SMEs are eligible companies with up to 80%, so that investment in an energy measure in less a year can pay for themselves. It runs an action limited until December 31, 2009, in which interested companies can receive a free IT energy basic check by eCO2IT. Dirk Sacay * average electricity price of 0.19 / KWh in Kassel, in a quantity of 10,000 KW per year

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