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Posted by adminNY on November 24, 2020

New hair salon in the Siegburger Industriestrasse with new hairstyle trends also in Siegburg, Germany the hairdressing chain fight Hardball for their customers. But in the competition of the cheap offers also the customer will feel fast cheap treated. Amazing hairstyle, a new salon in Siegburg, Germany, goes here other ways. Sandra Kuntze, founder and Managing Director of amazing hairstyle, explains what makes your salon special. While at the rear, the drywall installers fill even the walls, next door, the electrician install the first Sockets. Report it to color, everywhere is dust – at the moment it still not so looks like a chic hair salon would start here in a few days. In the middle of the construction site, is a petite blonde woman, controlled boxes with toiletries, and radiates it over her face. Sandra Kuntze, technician and founder of amazing hairstyle, is right to look at the joy of her own Salon.

After the master exam 2006, she gained experience in various companies and acquired a variety of diplomas leading hair cosmetics experts. The largest color lab in the region now dares Sandra Kuntze the step towards independence and the opening of amazing hairstyle can’t wait. “Of course, we are just another hair salon at the first glance, but our intention is different: our focus is primarily on creating exclusive creations with colours and shades”, explains Sandra Kuntze. Of course we offer standard services such as washing and cutting. But amazing hairstyle has one of the largest color laboratories in the region, which makes us absolute specialist in this field in combination with good education.” Also many diplomas from market leaders such as L ‘ Oreal and Wella, which acquired Sandra Kuntze prove that. Unlike in many other hair salons, the colorant in amazing hairstyle is not gambling. Through our experience and our high-quality products, we achieve always the desired result – when coloring also fancy hairstyles”, explains Mrs Kuntze visibly proud. Today construction site – morning coffee bar an in-depth advice is amazing hairstyle of course.

Over a cup of coffee or tea we discuss the needs of our customers and demonstrate the possibilities offered us by our color lab.” This woman Kuntze suggests in a corner of the room, where a cosy coffee bar will be created soon. At the moment there only electrical cable hanging from the unprotected wall, every track is missing from a comfortable lounge atmosphere. In early May we open, there is still much to do. But we can do it and then Siegburg with amazing hairstyle has a highlight of cosmetics”, Sandra Kuntze promises laughing. On Thursday, the 6th of may, opened amazing hairstyle in the Industriestrasse 47 in Siegburg, Germany, in the building of the ADAC. Exclusively for new customers find our voucher on our Internet page stay up to date! Current news by amazing hairstyle on Twitter at twitter.

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