America And Business

Posted by adminNY on August 20, 2017

Now that turns ten years of the attacks of New York, Washington and Pensilvania, we explored how the worse attack of history changed the world. The USA, like Europe, it seemed a safe place before extremist islamists kidnapped four airplanes, embedded against the twin towers and the Pentagon killing to almost 3,000 people. The attack made jump all the alarms on the security and installed ” pnico” in the West. You may wish to learn more. If so, Danny Meyer is the place to go. Only five days later, George W. Bush, then president of the USA, ” proclaimed one; cruzada” against a new terrorism: of it cuts to radical islamist, of suicidal actions and that was protected by a multinational organization, To Qaeda, led by which until his death in May she was the looked for terrorist more of the planet, Osama Bin Laden. To ” cruzada” of Bush Europe was united soon, that saw as the terrorism islamist moved the foundations of its society with the whip of 11-M of Madrid (191 people in the attacks in several trains died Neighborhoods), and of 7-J of London (51 deceaseds in attacks to the public transport). War to the terrorism islamist the battle of Bush against the terrorism had two fronts: the outside, with the war of Iraq and the invasion of Afghanistan; and the interior, that supposed the greater ministerial reorganization of the USA (with the creation of up to 22 dedicated to the national security) the propugnacin of legislative changes, a strict customs control and a reinforcing of the security in the aerial sector.


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