Apostle Island

Posted by adminNY on April 23, 2018

The city of St.Yala houses the muse who gathers people to forgive. Three Shrines store here in the greatness of peace, I love St. Petersburg, today, yesterday and old, from Holy Redeemer troubles of God’s destiny. In the emerald-Neva, and chestnuts in the alleys with areas I read ages wonderfully, fantastic world. In the gilded churches over their domes zastyvschimi, I see the angels home, framed in the Sky Sapphire. Russian city of Venice under the cover of the Apostolic passage. Way of the Cross on Calvary with Horse of the blockade of trouble.

You keep on loving prayers Xenia. Are you talking about, St. Petersburg, Russia for the predicted light … 2006. Sketches on the pilgrimage ship “Abbot Damanski.” Pilgrimage to Balaam.

Kisses motor vessel wave Cuts Ladoga surface. Under the cover of the sky crown Month went to spend the night. In the hold of little children fell silent – a long journey tired, and slept in the mast a whirlwind, to get some rest. Rocky island breathes, wise gray, And over the dining room roof, the Stars sat down to rest. Swim left “two steps only” boat on the waves. The beauty of the archipelago opens Balaam. Cross Worship We met at St. Nicholas monastery, pilgrimage and tea, treats all of his sister. The Apostle himself the Apostle Island still blessed. Beauty, God-given, Spirit pleading strengthened. Miracle of the island in the ocean – Everywhere Pushkin landscape here and in the monastic rank Sandy Fair. The cell had met with love: The smell of incense censer.

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