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Meditation 2 argument for the existence of God. If we are aware of us, we have it from God. If we know from the imperfect, we also know of God, be perfect. Your synopsis refers it as a treatise on the immortality of the soul. In meditation: nothing is more recognizable with evidence that the mind.

Meditation 3 proof of the existence of God: arguments about the existence of the world. In his Synopsis: argument to prove the existence of God. Meditation 4 reality and perception. In his Synopsis: to test that everything we perceive clearly and distinctly is true in meditation: the contemplation of God himself, consider their attributes, and look at, admire and adore the beauty of such light. Research on the cause of the error and falsehood.

Meditation 5 argument of the existence of God: If you can think, exists. In his Synopsis: to explain the corporeal nature taken generally, demonstrates the existence of God in a new way. In meditation: If there is something evident to my mind, is absolutely true about the existence physical things and God (non-physical, but mental, paramount). Meditation 6 discourse on dualism: the good and the evil. In his Synopsis: separates the intellect of the imagination, described signs of that distinction, is proof that the soul is really distinguished body. Distinction alma-cuerpo. ** The second point is about the historical time that lived Descartes (1,596-1650), time of revolution of mental postures of collapse of intractable paradigms change. Time to complete change, so much material (material forms of life: industrial revolution, capitalism) as an epistemological (questioning of Aristotelian cosmology). The world then, Renaissance, is attitude of outcrop of the new, spiritual renewal; but it is, also, made of concrete change, when the society attends its same historical evolution towards the industry. Is not only a sense of changing mental attitudes, but an experience de facto, changing world verifiable to the simple look. crease your knowledge.

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