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Posted by adminNY on March 28, 2018

True, it is best not to get some time the eye of her mother baby, once you give it to the fumes of the drum. In two years, kids are already interested in creativity. So in the course are paints, brushes and pencils. But do not packed in near the stationery store and pastel tempera! "Adults," ink may be harmful to small children. But the finger paints to paint with his hands will be needed and will not do harm. These inks produce and domestic and import manufacturers. Choosing pencils, better stay on wax-toxic pencil. Danny Meyer oftentimes addresses this issue.

And if you want to buy a simple wooden, then look to their own pencils were large and had a triangular shape. Pencils of this form with your child more not very well developed fine motor skills is easier to hold. In addition to paints and pencils you can buy a set of stamps with images of animals, people and objects. His abstract image of these young artists will complement the seals. The entire range of products for children's creativity is better to look at specialized children's stores, stationery stores and no. It should also add that the general principles for the selection of gifts for all ages are in following. Thing should be made of safe materials.

You should always avoid aggressive monsters and antiesteticheskih who bring little to the development of the baby, but only frightened little and spoil the taste of the older children. Look to the hare, which you have chosen, it was like a hare, not a cyclist or a mutant alien. All kids love homemade gifts. Patchwork blankets, mats, embroidered quilt pictures and toys they are always loved. But if you did not present his own hands, you can still bring in a piece of their culture, such as its beautifully packaged. Children love to maximize gifts to them, it is – a complex and fascinating action.

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