Posted by adminNY on April 20, 2019

It is likely that you are more informed about the items that you can carry in your carry-on luggage when traveling, but did you know that there is also strict when reviewing your baggage? That’s why I here talk are restricted items to be transported in the luggage. When traveling, it is forbidden to transport items or objects that are not properly packaged in the opinion of the respective airline. In the same way, prohibited those items or objects which, in the opinion of the airline likely to endanger the aircraft, its crew or other passengers. Likewise any type of liquid or flammable like gasoline, paints, gas refills, combustible gases or oxygen are prohibited, as well as any type of firearms or explosives (munitions, Fireworks, Bengal signals, firecrackers, cartridges). Nor any type of industrial products, matches, lighters, corrosive materials, they can be transported irritants, oxidising, radioactive, poisons, or products of origin avian. Take these tips into account and prevents unwanted and unexpected mishaps from occurring in your trip. Prepares your suitcase considering what you can and that you can not carry and get your trip an unforgettable experience. A. Verastegui original author and source of the article

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