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Posted by adminNY on July 06, 2015

The Procurator KG is lit through financial market! The current financial crisis has shown that there were deficits in investment advice and probably still are. Suffer the inflows of funds to risk capital/venture capital funds and other venture capital instruments. The strong return on investment orientation of many banks and insurance companies has obviously led to a such sales pressure that some consultants have focused more on sales commissions as in the interest of the customer. There are numerous complaints from investors, who contend that they wanted a no-risk investment, the Bank Adviser but actually has advised a risky investment, what they have noticed until now due to the losses in the financial crisis. Legitimate claims for damages due to such false advice may not fail that the investor cannot demonstrate the incorrect advice, or that the previous short Statute of limitations has expired.

Also, our Minister of Justice Brigitte Zypries expressed similarly. The Federal Cabinet has a Bill these days decided, which aims to strengthen the rights of investors in the future. The following points are essentially new rules: consulting and documentation requirements abolition of the special statute of short like recasting of the bondholders Act by these occurrences the inflows of risk capital/venture capital funds and other venture capital instruments, although the investment in direct participations as a monetary system, to the asset classes in the middle segment include. All over a ridge is sheared but by the lost confidence of the investors. What are the innovative young, growth-oriented firms suffer.

These are exactly the companies that can make a transition out of recession in an expanding market. There is but the recourse to an optimum network and a practical know-how is still financing options for such companies important here. This may cause the service of Procurator management consulting KG optimally. Under, the company Procurator KG offers the possibility of contact to This network and the necessary know-how.

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