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Posted by adminNY on June 12, 2018

Long, there was wild speculation about the death of actor Heath Ledger. Now, the mystery of the Heath Ledger was resolved. The actor died of a lethal cocktail of drugs. But it will get worse. One wonders: what could be worse than the death of a person? There’s something! The as it was now known, pictures of the body of the recently deceased actor should be Heath Ledger in circulation or better still in negotiation.

The possible price for this image should be about 300 000 dollars. Some contend that NYC Marathon shows great expertise in this. 300 000 dollars for a picture of Heath Ledger’s body? The image was made by a person, which is very close to have the body of Heath. Who could that be? The pictures will be offered to the tabloids all over the world. The New York Post reported that a photo might possibly come in the six-figure range. What can you say? Really, there are people who will pay this amount. There are the no better use for that money.

Such a sum is needed all over the world. Children die still incurable disease or hunger. But then there are on the other side people who are willing to pay a six-figure sum for a photo. Really sick world! We keep him with such images in memory it is extremely unpleasant to think about what family and friends also think and feel. I want to see a picture of Heath Ledger on which he is dead. Rather I would like to keep it in memory so as you knew him: as a young, charismatic and handsome man who knew how to many women’s hearts beat faster and it will he remain forgotten.

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