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Posted by adminNY on July 18, 2018

AGE MATERNA TO the RISING the CRIANARISCO OF BEING BORN CHILD WITH DOWN SYNDROME Less than 35 anos0.1% Of 35 39 anos0.5% Of 40 44 anos1.5% Above of 45 anos3.5% (VOIVODIC, 2004) In agreement with data of Census 2000 of the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) they is esteem that approximately 14.5% of the Brazilian population have some physical or mental deficiency, that is, 24,5 million Brazilians. Of this total 300 a thousand it has Syndrome of Down. Syndrome of Down: preconception x information and stigma What it is preconception? Preconception = discrimination? Not. The preconception is a formed thought and a feeling of repulses to the different one. the discrimination, is the action of this negative feeling. The discrimination occurs when the different one has the access to the hindered or diminished social rights (RASP, 2002).

Preconception is to judge the people for an idea or a preset model of person, generalizing all for an only part and/or information that is supplied by outrem. To prejudge something or somebody, without the least to leave it if to locate, to display its thought, its point of view, that is, the right to counsel. Displaying its true essence, its potential. Thus judging its appearance. This is preconception. A formed concept, without before having knowledge of the facts. She is necessary to have the opened, apt mind to go to the search of the new, the future, a transforming perspective. How is learned the preconception? The preconception if learns all in the space of social conviviality: family, school, medias, in the society If this feeling is taken root in the society, as to make to unlearn it, to exterminar it? The first attitude if to make is to assume itself as prejudiced e, later to work the affective field coexisting the different one, understanding and adaptando it its limitations. The preconception starts in the proper family.


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