Catalan LSE

Posted by adminNY on July 12, 2016

The first day of March the Agency translation and interpretation 1Globaltranslators will launch a new category of interpreters; a section of Spanish signs (LSE) and languages of Catalan signs (LSC). From the first day of March 1Globaltranslators have interpreters of LSE and LSC for congresses, press conferences, trials, meetings or any other Act. 1Globaltranslators will contact with professional performers to perform various services offered: consecutive interpretations, interpretations of liaison and simultaneous interpretations. LSE has legal status in Spain since 2007. 1Globaltranslators thinks that it is important that the language is not marginalized. Why organize a virtual event on facebook in conjunction with the launch of the categoriacon order to give it emphasis the LSE.

Called virtual encounter with senantes users: go to the language of signs Spanish (LSE). 1Global proposes LSE users to share interesting videos with people who do not know LSE, for example explaining recordings as present, or videos with simple words, numbers or the alphabet giving to people who do not know LSE learn words and phrases in that language. They may then show what they have learned through video. You can access the event by clicking here! Data of interest: contacts: official site of the sign language interpreter page 1Globaltranslators: Facebook: Twitter: #!

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