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Posted by adminNY on August 20, 2017

He finished the game against Arkansas based at Duke and was next to me on the edge of the track. One modest reporter, with camera in hand, to capture the moment. The other U.S. president, a clean body to congratulate the champions. As clarified the tumult of the winners, an emotional coach Bill Clinton embraced the Nolan Richardson. “It was worth all the suffering that came this time,” I heard him say.

Previously, seeing that I looked at him with a shining smile Clinton held out his hand. Accustomed to the fervor of the crowds and the ritual of election campaigns, his was probably an automatic gesture. To me, however, seemed cordial. Seen this way, a meter and a half, Clinton is taller, lighter skinned and bluest eyes in the photographs. I certify further that the man was thrilled.

With the Razorbacks cap on his head, the president’s eyes watered and his throat went nuts several times with precipitation. What you want me to say. Maybe the world was then hurtling into a ravine. Maybe his advisors in Washington went mad. But there he was, oblivious to everything except the magical moment of victory for his team. At that time, regardless of political considerations, Clinton seemed more humane than my neighbor’s house across the street. (News of the World .- New York, August 23, 1997. Semblanza gathered then a hundred more in the book “Characters of life” .


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