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Posted by adminNY on March 20, 2020

Bet on the work you have 1.2 counterparts, who are constantly unhappy with their jobs, salary, boss, regulations and company policies, decisions, management, colleagues, social benefits or something else? They are frustrated complain, but do not leave hateful office / shop / factory / school / hospital, etc., etc., I assume that you too are dissatisfied with something, if you read this article. As a rule, a person can not be unhappy all the time, otherwise it would have find another job. But what keeps us at work that makes us unhappy? Why, often saying, "I want to change jobs," we do not undertake, and every morning dutifully go back to where we are unhappy, angry, not appreciated, depressed? Here is a list of options that people value, making a decision to retire from work and find a new one. s. You too many times pondered them, but could not make a decision. Now we'll try to do it together. List of parameters to assess the place of work (in brackets are quotes that describe each option: a positive evaluation / assessment of the negative / neutral rating) 1.otnosheniya in the team (I like my colleagues, I feel more positive than negative emotions, being close to them / I try to as little as possible in contact with my colleagues, I try to avoid the common lunch, not sharing personal information, communicate only by the case, feel stress, anger, malice, envy, anger / I alone, they themselves, to me anyway) 2.

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