City Greek

Posted by adminNY on February 06, 2015

Of one she forms generality, according to Gustave Glotz, in its beautiful book the City Greek, ' ' the geographic conditions had contributed strong to give to it its feio to it histrica' '. In this direction, Glotz explains: ' ' Cut for the continuous shock between the sea and the mountain, Greece presents in each narrow handspan of its territory surrounded mountain depressions whose access alone is possible for the coast. Innumerable cantons are formed thus, each one of which is the natural stowage of a small society. physical spalling determines, or at least politics facilitates to the spalling. For each compartment a distinct nationality exists.

They are imagined, in a closed valley, pastures bathed for streams, forests on hills, prairies, vineyards and olivais that give to feed some sets of ten of thousand of inhabitants, rare more than one hundred a thousand, and, more ahead, a outeiro that can serve of shelter in attack case and a port for the contact with the exterior, and will have an idea of what it is for the Greek an independent State and soberano' '. It was, therefore, in this environment that the city Greek if configured materially in function of its myths, religious beliefs and values. In the city Greek, the circulation of the poetical wealth of myths, legends, the heroes, the philosophies if it made parallel to the circulation of the material wealth, of the merchandises, and therefore the city historically always existed in function of a circulation of entrances and exits whose incumbency was to make to pass flows transformed that it into one box of resonance, that made to resound all its elements (instead of making them to run away), for more heterogeneous than is, geographic, ethnic, linguistic, moral, economic, technological, cultural descriptions. It is therefore that, looking at for the city Greek, it surprises us it wealth of its mythology, architecture, literature, philosophy, the fertility of its society In all its aspects, it if present as an inexhaustible reservoir of subjects, details, movements, devires, associations, surprises, personages, a vast field of deambulation and errncia, stomach and fancy.


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