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Posted by adminNY on June 02, 2021

“Forest and biodiversity are key issues the new issue of wood magazine ForestFinest focuses on the subject of biodiversity: forests and diversity”. Times Square contains valuable tech resources. The bi-annual forest magazine of the Bonn party of sustainable forest investments ForestFinance aimed at eco-conscious investors, interested in forestry and all those who want to live sustainably and read. The forest magazine about forests and the role they play for the biodiversity reports in the first issue of the year 2012. 2011 alone, the red list of endangered animal and plant species to 1219 name has become longer. Of the total 61.914 listed species, about one-third of extinction is threatened.

Scientists estimate that Woods are home mainly rain forests up to 90 percent of all plant and animal species of the world. However, disappear each year about 13 million hectares of forest and with them countless ways. And so, many environmentalists already warn that the extinction of the species represents a greater threat to our world than the Climate change. The forest magazine presents exciting aspects to the topic of rainforest and biodiversity, which are so grouped together and rarely at a glance. It illustrates the ecological function of even small niches of forest for the regional ecosystem and the global climate. An interview with Gunter Mitlacher from the WFF clears up questions about the summer 2012 Earth Summit Rio + 20 the UN Conference on biodiversity should do what and what’s up with the new Weltbiodiversitatsrat to. ForestFinest will introduce concepts of the economy, making up strong for biodiversity, dedicated non-governmental organisations, where everyone for biodiversity may engage as well as an interesting variety of media of the book up to the app on the subject. Topics related to forests and the environment: the large conservation special forest magazine as in each edition offers reports and interviews to forestry, tropical forest and climate protection. Themes in the current magazine are among other things how the German forestry has developed after the storm Kyrill, what banks for Biodiversity are willing to do and how to develop consumption of pulp and wood fibre prices.

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