Posted by adminNY on January 08, 2016

8. Constantly monitor the actions of competition to promote a similar product. 9. Conduct comprehensive training and selection of vendors, which include two critical and decisive moment in many ways: a) vendors are required to know all the components of performance its product quality, production technology, the rules of consumption or use, an advantage over other products and terms that accompany the main, and b) the sellers have to be extremely sociable, artistic, fully master the art of communicating with people, be able to present their wares and sell it so that the client has left so vivid impression of purchase, that he necessarily wanted to then share their opinions about product, store and service levels with all the people around him. Remember: if in preparation for the sale of any product you miss even one of these positions, so you do not get the maximum possible profits. It is an axiom that should not even question it. The West has long paid close attention to exactly the correct representation of the goods. Why? Because competition is high, the conditions of production and quality identical, hence the difference in price (though this is important) does not play.

And there is one thing to provide, offer and sell more elegant and elaborate than the competition. In other words, is 'battle' for the client, in which winning is not the strongest, wisest and. We can say that more than 50% of success in the trading business is dependent on the presentation of goods to each specific client. And this applies to both pre-planned major purchases and to the daily purchase of essential items and food products. It is clear that these arguments relate primarily to those people who at the time of finding a shop to have the necessary amount purchase their favorite products.

But always remember, and for others, those who came to see today, and tomorrow will come back to buy. All this indicates that the product is not enough to bring to the store in sufficient quantities and on bargain price. It still needed to properly present, ie, packaging, display and presentation of product sellers should be much higher than the competition. Only then can we talk about full of future profits.

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