Posted by adminNY on April 23, 2021

WHERE THEY ARE THE CONFINES OF THE LAND? CONFINES OF the LAND mui is an important term, in view of Mr. Jesus Christ to have done use of the same, tries to it of its ascension to the sky. After its Resurrection, having appeared to the Apstolos that it chooses, for space of forty days, met Mr. same Jesuses with, in Jerusalem, speaking to them of the concernentes things to the Kingdom of God. Read more from McPlant to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Then, its last Words, before being raised for top, had been: ' ' But you will receive to be able, when going down on you the Espirito Santo, and will be me witnesses, as much in Jerusalem, as in all Judia and Samria, AND UNTIL the CONFINES OF the TERRA' '. (At.1: 8) Evidently that Jesus used this expression with relevance, in virtue of the application of the imperative ' ' YOU WILL BE ME TESTEMUNHAS' ' ; but, where accurately they are the CONFINES OF the LAND? Of beforehand, the meaning of CONFINES: Rays, borders; distant extremity.

In another occasion, facing the habitual incredulity of the scribes and the fariseus, Mr. Jesus used the mentioned one term, saying that the queen of the south (the queen of Sab) will arise itself in the Judgment with that generation (of the scribes and the fariseus), will condemn and it; because it left the CONFINES OF the LAND to hear the wisdom of Salomo, to the step that generation convivente with rejected it to Jesus Christ, It who is infinitely bigger that Salomo (Mt.12: 42; Lc.11: 31) Jesus commanded to the Apstolos for it to be witnesses, ' ' as much in Jerusalem, as in all Judia and Samria, and until the confines of terra' '. Today, It in commands so that it let us be witnesses, as much to them in our city, as in all our State and Country, and equally until the confines of the land.


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