Coordinator Bertha Oliva

Posted by adminNY on March 17, 2019

General the COFADEH Coordinator Bertha Oliva of ENT, that I take this opportunity to thank you for the possibility that gave me this unique experience and to congratulate her for the Letelier-Moffit award, received in Washington a few days ago, is in the name of the platform. Bertha is a woman integrates in its commitment, he suffered the persecution of the 1980s, when they killed her husband Thomas ENT firsthand. From June 28 2009 has not stopped a moment, day and night, fighting to save lives, ask for Justice and denouncing violations of human rights at the international level, fighting with all his team because the Government of Porfirio Lobo de facto recognized in front of the world by what is: a spurious Executive, continued illegalcalving from a military civic coup. The threats were daily, primarily on the part of the Assistant Commissioner police of Tegucigalpa, Mario Rene Chamorro: didn’t like a story about a violent eviction which he and his men were in a suburb of the capital, Cerro Grande. He called the Coordinator Bertha Oliva, saying that if I was again reporting would have caught me because I had no permission to exercise as a journalist. But I wrote the page of COFADEH, which isn’t exactly a newspaper on the Internet: the demonstration that everything was legal was the fact that when he asked for the extension of the visa gave me no problem. Its aim was to scare me, shut up me, as all those who want to shout to the world the violations that we had to live on a daily basis. I publicly report that upon my return to Cuba the chepos gorillas of the airport shattered my suitcase and stole my books of the national prize of literature Helen Humana and the famous playwright Rafael Murillo jungle. I think it was to hurt me and take my goods to my very precious, because they had me personally dedicated: once again, the resistance is right when shouts the slogan read, write, learn to chepo never be.

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