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DATACENTER gets seal of approval high availability level 3 in the last few days the DATACENTER Rhein-Neckar of the tekit consult Bonn GmbH and TuV Saarland group availability investigated. “Just in time for CeBIT 2011 testing was completed and it is clear that the end of 2010 the stage built new data home 3 high availability” meets. In the auditing of the Datacenter, inter alia the points were checked sustainability, physical and technical security. The basis for the certification are certified data center in the TuV catalogue”V set 1.0 based and relate to the test report No. TR00985. The DATACENTER Rhein-Neckar is one of the most modern and leading data centres in the region.

All systems are designed with the N + 1 principle. The power supply takes place directly on the substation and is fed directly from the European grid. Of course, the new Datacenter on highest possible downtime and operational safety has been designed. But another part of the investments are been made for the expansion of various environmentally-friendly and energy-saving technologies. So, for example, consistently used on State of the art cooling technology. Here the outside air is used in colder months energy-saving cooling. Solar panels were installed on the roof, which generate additional power. With the DATACENTER Rhein-Neckar is the telecommunications provider PFALZKOM MANET, one of the most modern and energy-efficient data centers of in Germany available.

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