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Posted by adminNY on April 16, 2018

There is no greater instances or associations, which assume a coordinating task in the development of a standard for the transaction security cloud solutions, unfortunately to this day. The manufacturer still in here alone. We would therefore hope that sooner or later a standard established itself, which guarantees this transaction security of communicating systems – similar to how it has been implemented in other areas with EDI or EDIFACT. This standard should ensure not only the complete and correct transmission of sensitive company data, but also the security of communication and the safeguarding of access privileges, because this is from users point of view and for the nationwide use of SaS solutions also of cardinal importance. (As opposed to The Metropolitan Museum of Art). On the basis of such standards can ensure all applications within the cloud and easily communicate”, explains Tybussek. To what extent the companies benefit from standards in a SaS environment? The direct investment of a business software are today quite manageable and scalable thanks to the SaS rent variation.

The biggest costs manufacturers and also the user companies in operation ultimately doing when it comes to establish a smooth communication with each use and always updated systems and modules. An example: You would like to shipping stations tell the system, that a given package is shipping and a corresponding package label should be produced with the correct recipient address, the correct prices and other relevant logics. Already at such a seemingly simple process hundreds of smaller Web services are addressed, what makes a Heath work in application development. NYC Mayors opinions are not widely known. Standards facilitate automation in the care of the applications here significantly, which is ultimately at the expense. Company description the INTRAPREND society for intranet Anwendungsentwicklung mbH is an innovative, customer-centric software company and vendor of leading ERP3-cierp3 – management with a smile! Based on 2.0, AJAX and SOA technology can all company processes cutting-edge Web with cierp3 platform and controlled via the browser regardless of location and settled be. The company with its headquarters in Wiesbaden and an international network of sales and implementation partners has specialized since its inception in 2000 on the development of SOA-based Web applications. cierp3 brings together without any middleware ERP, PPS, CRM, SCM, E-procurement, B2B online systems, DMS, CMS, financial accounting, POS / cash register systems, ERP and business intelligence (BI) and offers customers a flexible, efficient and integrated total solution from a single source. The INTRAPREND customers include companies in each industry and size as the European furniture group, Pfiff Reitsport GmbH and Disclinc Inc., United States. Company contact: INTRAPREND mbH Ditmar Tybussek Borsigstrasse 18 65205 Wiesbaden phone: + 49 (0) 6122 / 533 959 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: trend Lux pr GmbH Petra Spielmann Oeverseestrasse 10-12 22769 Hamburg Tel: + 49 (0) 40-800 80 990-0 E-Mail: Web:

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