Do These Become, Hartz IV And ALG II Receiver Deceived By The State?

Posted by adminNY on March 28, 2019

Direct candidate in the constituency 177 betting rough, for the parliamentary elections on 27 September, 2009! These are uniformly 6.79 euros at a rent of approx. 300 euros. You got 8 euros more and the state gives you only 1.21 euros. There is no compensation for your telephone and Internet costs. Thesis, amount to euros per month at a flat rate approx. 40-45. The current is not paid either, this costs approx. 50 euros in the month.

This is a violation of the one dignity (article 1 constitution) and a violation of the inviolability of the flat article 13 constitution. Which activities are regarded as reasonable? (Everyone sound code of social law) Therefore this one, 1 euro jobs, unpaid traineeships, unpaid further educations or even contracts with temporary work companies, thesis according to the contracts, you rate closed with the Christian trade unions or the APM. Not everything right: this is paragraph 3 is clearly regulated forced labour permitted after article 12, of the constitution (the liberty of the choice of occupation and the service and conscription) as per article 12 only on a judicial order. According to the general equality law any discrimination is forbidden. By the Berlin district court it entered a judgement, this the Christian trade unions are amplifier rate not capable with this rate! This is, (said all the contracts of employment are invalid 2009) become it since 01 April but closed of the companies of additional contracts with employees. (File number: 35 BV 17008/08) What does it look like with further education measures? It does not play a role as her application documents were well! Every training provider becomes your curriculum vitae and this batch change. The training providers are engaged of the terrible or get education vouchers. Every training provider must work economically and can not be interested to arrange the customers almost.

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