Emergency Hour

Posted by adminNY on May 03, 2018

So passed half an hour. All buses passing by stopped to help. Already quite a few drivers went poking around in the engine. Meanwhile, the guides have agreed with three buses mes tour that went with the same tour behind us, and seeing the damage to our stop. Passengers our hopelessly broken bus seated on a free place to another bus and lost about an hour We continued our way again. We were warned that our aid goes to the standby bus and some of us place three buses will gather again in one to breed on hotels. If you would like to know more then you should visit NYC Marathon.

Another for an hour we drove almost to the most recent field light was extinguished, passengers were dozing. I could do was enjoy the lounge music, sleeping in the bus I would not have happened. It was night we went out to climb into a spare bus. From that high place, as was seen in the palm of a "Night" city. Admire the view there was no time, I made a couple of pictures and we went to the emergency bus. After a few hours I began to learn the way the road and knew that soon we will be at the hotel.

I have long been sleepy, after listening to lounge to the obscene, I turned off the player and watched the last bit of strength on the road. A couple of times I even fell asleep for a few minutes. It soon became clear that the driver of a spare bus knows the road to all hotels.

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