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Posted by adminNY on February 18, 2017

It should be the unusual form of a guide of the escort service Berlin to learn more about the Berlin blockade. Which Europeans would not like to even visit accompanied by a knowledgeable Escort Lady of the escort, the historic wall city of Berlin? Berlin is known far beyond the borders of Germany, even in the distant Japan. Should the way of a Japanese tourists once came to Europe, Berlin aims his visit, both as a tourist destination, as well as economic location. The former divided city is the most populous and largest city in the largest city in Germany with its 3.4 million inhabitants, at the same time, it is federal land, capital and seat of Government of Germany. The Escort Lady will tell tourists that the history of Berlin’s measured is not very old in other European cities, not even 900 years, for it was very eventful. For example in 1949 the Berlin blockade, where the former opponents of the war, the supply of the city about the famous airlift took over.

The company was so risky for the pilots of the Western allies, that from today’s perspective pilots no longer would take this risk. The schedule was so tight with 3 minutes, that each machine had only a try for the landing, failed attempt turned the machine of empty-handed. The discharge time, when the raisin bombers amounted to only 30 minutes and already the raisin bombers took off again. The lady from escort service Berlin comes from the oldest part of Berlin, from Spandau and Spandauer can not take it with a small smile on it to indicate that it is correctly called Berlin in Spandau, see ancient Roman writings. Berlin is a city of superlatives, culture and art in all respects, tourist attractions, the 3 airports, short were four airports, the history, economic and political importance of the City give something very special. Culturally the city itself does not need to hide, it is compared with the cities of New York, London and Paris on the Tip.

No city in Europe, somewhere else in the world has so many cultural sites, such as Berlin. For this reason, the gentleman should himself led an Escort Lady trust, especially since the question has settled after a sophisticated accompaniment for the evening. Exclusiv escort Berlin of escort service meets all dreams and desires with its exclusive women’s extremely reliable and discreet. With the dream of a lady from escort service at his side, each will linger in Berlin to an unforgettable experience. First class escort services offer a comparable service in the cities of Stuttgart, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Cologne and Dusseldorf. Peter Kane mountain


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