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Posted by adminNY on December 12, 2017

The desvinculao between religion occurred Catholic and education in the Public scope. The first Republican Constitution did not carry through significant changes for the development of the society of that time. The Constitution of 1924 was presented in eight Headings, ten Chapters and 18 Sections. The education for the first time gained Heading separate of the Family, in which they had fixed general norms, as a of the obligatoriness and gratuitousness of primary education and equality of all, and they had still characterized and social education as right. The organization of the Constitution of 1937 innovated for placing the together education only of the Culture, in the previous constitutions education was part of the triad Family and Culture. Art. 130 establish the gratuitousness of primary education, as well as mention the duty to it of solidarity of the most supplied to the most needed, of form to be contributed monthly for the pertaining to school box.

The Constitution of 1946 rescued the right the education for all, beyond determining the responsibility of the Family and the State. How much the obligatoriness, this Constitution still established obligator primary education in the particular and public institutions and in obligatory character in the industrial companies, commercial and agricultural. Already Constitution of 1967 established the age of obligatoriness of that due to resources, they had that to study in the public institutions being the age of seven the fourteen years. It is important to remember that in 1961, the first Law appeared of Lines of direction Bases of the Brazilian Education, Law 4.024/61. The education was seen as the form to prepare the individual for the good the society and that the State only must educate. The main changes had been to the possibility of access to the superior level for pupils of education technician and the creation of the Federal Advice of Education of the State Advice.


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