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Posted by adminNY on October 06, 2017

Forum “Virtual power plants” during the DENEX in Wiesbaden the increasing supply of electricity decentrally generated and the fluctuating supply of renewable energy from wind or Sun make our electricity grids to a hard test. Intelligent control techniques are needed to get the grid stability. A much promising approach is the concept of the virtual power plant, which is currently being tested in several pilot projects. The DENEX exhibition and Congress examines what technical requirements are necessary and what opportunities they provide the energy industry in a forum on the 18.11.2011 what virtual power plants can afford. More than 20 percent of the electricity from renewable sources in Germany – this was announced by the Federal Environment Ministry end of August this year.

This share will increase further, because despite the agreed phase-out of nuclear energy, the Federal Government wants to adhere to their climate goals. Renewable energy will be a key pillar of energy supply in more than ever. However, this change raises problems. Firstly, electricity from renewable energy sources is often far away produced by the consumer. Secondly, offer two major sources, wind energy and photovoltaic, a volatile, weather-dependent yield. And thirdly is the regenerative electricity generation decentralized in many, small equipment, rather than centrally in large power plants. The grids are currently but not designed for these new requirements: the grid stability is at risk.

One possible solution is the concept of the virtual power plant. Behind it stands the idea, the power of many small, decentralized power generators such as wind energy or photovoltaic systems, CHP or small hydro power plants, but also power supply replacement equipment and emergency power generators to a larger virtual unit bundle and jointly control. Also power storage and electric appliances are integrated into the Federation. The different components of a virtual power plant can compensate for fluctuations in performance with each other.

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