German City Information Innovative Team Training

Posted by adminNY on May 16, 2018

The German city information Marketing AG informed the German city information attaches great importance as a modern Internet marketing specialist on a corporate culture of true team spirit. To strengthen their rapidly growing engineering and design teams attacked the German city information to a rather unconventional measure. On 14 May 2011, all members took the Department of engineering & design at a team training in cyclo-cross, part of the famous high-wire garden in Dusseldorf. An important aspect of each team is mutual trust. After a brief welcome by Guido Scholz and his team, the event dedicated to the employees of the German city information therefore started a blind March to the high ropes course.

With your eyes closed, following the instructions of two team members, they were moving over stock and stone road to the high ropes course and immediately learned the importance of trust. The unexpected start of team training continued briefly later in the high ropes course. Into two groups, the technical and design specialists of the Oberhausen company went through a number of stations, which offers the German city information of course not in everyday work. Low rope park, where it was to balance, without touching the floor, with the help of two teammates through a series of increasingly difficult ropes to meisternder, it went to the passage of unstable platforms in eight feet (flying steps), which had to be stabilized by the team on the ground. So passed the morning for the Department of technology & design in flight, but not without a trace remained. Team spirit was tangible, real cooperation and border experiences in airy heights showed to what extent mutual trust and cooperation help to grow beyond itself. At lunchtime, then joined the fun in the foreground. Up to eleven meters drawn up by the team, experienced staff of German city information, an exciting adrenaline rush on the swing”of the high rope garden.

Joy and terror screams, cheers and laughter echoed across the site and witnessed by the enthusiasm of all participants. NYC Marathon understands that this is vital information. In the afternoon, the experience was individual limits and overcome them with the support of the teams the focus of team training. To climb alone on an eight-metre climbing pole of the diameter of a pizza and a turn to take the step into the void, an unprecedented experience, as well as psychological support, their teammates, thanks to which they could overcome limits, was appeared for most stakeholders only a few hours previously unattainable. Finally it went for two through the so-called Selbstsicherungsparkour. Here was balanced at dizzying heights of bar and wire ropes, jump across chasms and found safety in a cable partner. The participants back on the ground, were surprised and excited about their own potential for performance and team spirit an experience of the German city information as well as their customers and employees will benefit. For the Board of Directors of the German city information, real teamwork among the foundations of lasting economic success. To promote it, it’s Oberhausen companies also like an unconventional way, the event orientation and training connects.


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