Golden City

Posted by adminNY on May 12, 2018

From James Bond to the Vinci Code, Paris is a Mecca for movie buffs if the leaves colour and fall gently on the romantic walkways in the city of lights, the amorous couple even closer together because it will slow a bit cooler, then is exactly the right time for a flight to Paris. Because the cinematic backdrop of the magnificent city in a particularly charming light shines in the Golden season. Many other attractions in Paris were already at the scene of moving scenes in monumental films. For your personal Paris tale on your autumn trip, visit the landmarks of the city. The Eiffel Tower is and remains the symbol of Paris.

“The bond classic, In the face of death”, via Munich “up to rush hour 3″ rely on numerous feature films of this timeless symbol of Paris. You have a magnificent view of the whole city from the observation deck, up to the castle of Versailles. Nowhere else the thoughts can wander so dreamily into the distance. The Louvre is the most famous Museum in Paris, because his fabled Mona Lisa”. “The exciting da Vinci Code” for example here takes its beginning. Stroll through the lofty halls of the gigantic Museum and soak up the scent of past centuries. The arrival can be also so beautiful romantic after a long journey and optimism. Gare Nord, Paris North Station and arrival point for all long-distance trains you therefore also became the scene of many impressive scenes, for example in the fabulous world of Amelie”.

Also if you have flights to Paris worth a visit of the busiest station in Europe, nowhere else can witness so wrenching farewell and welcome scenes. Oh, and then of course there Sacre Coeur in Montmartre, the neighborhood of Amelie. On the levels confronting Sacre Coeur, and the dreamy gaze into the sunset over the city can be, there is nothing more romantic. Even if the artist district in recent years has strongly changed and very commercial has become, should you miss the Montmartre during your Paris Autumn trip to never.

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