Great Heath City

Posted by adminNY on February 21, 2015

The raw material lack for the industry madeireiraprovocou the migration of the majority of them, remaining only one in Is Domingos. Essanica would saw produced in the year of 2006, an amount of 2.700 wooden m emtoras and 945 processed m wooden. In the present time (2007), this same would saw produces one mdiade 175 m wooden in logs for month, being that the majority of them comes of outraslocalidades in other cities, as the Consultation in Is Joo of the Araguaia, Brasispanha in Great Heath of the Araguaia and Pato in the municipal territory deMarab (to see table 2). The explored specimens more are the Axix (Sterculiaspeciosa), the Sumama (Ceiba pentandra) and the Faveira (Panopsissessilifolia). These trees are bought of Localities and cities of the extraomadeireira – 2007 Main localities of extration Cities Consultation Are Joo of the Water-cold Araguaia Are Domingos of the Araguaia Brasispanha Great Heath of the Araguaia Pato Marab Cow-black color Are Domingos of the Araguaia Source: Research of Field in June of 2007. In ours second research of field we detect> duasempresas lumber installed in the city of Are Domingos, being they mesmasatuam that them only in the benefited wooden sales. When asking on the damadeira origin made use the sales in its originary deposits we discover that are deoutras localities, as: F saint (Marab) and Four – mouths (Village Cruise doSul in the city of Itupiranga). Still speaking of this new research, we also detect que100% of the wood in log consumed in the city in study, come of natural deflorestas areas. The responsible one for the sales in the only one would saw of the city deSo Sundays, affirmed that reforestation projects do not exist that to visemabastecer the local market of the lumber resource. How much to the roads utilizadaspara the extration and transport of the wood, this same cited person above nosrevelou that great part of them was and is constructed by the owner of would saw, also bridges in city roads.


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