International Exhibition Collection Premiere Moscow

Posted by adminNY on February 14, 2017

From 6 to 9 September at the International Exhibition Collection Premiere Moscow in "Expocentre" Company "Angellik 'will present the latest trends in fashion. The constant presence at professional trade shows, careful tracking of the last trends in fashion and the individual approach to mixed-age audience has helped the company 'Angellik' modnuyulineyku form of women's clothing from more than 40 European brands. Presented by German, Italian and French brands perfectly combines quality, style and affordability in its price segment. For the first time the exhibition will present new for Russia, but a well-known professional brands – Franco Vello. During the ten years work in the fashion market, the company 'Angellik' unable to establish retail sales of clothing, through its own retail chain currently includes more than 20 outlets located in Moscow and Russian regions.

As a permanent CPM member of the Russian exhibition in 2009, the company "Angellik" acted in close cooperation with GUL GMBH on display in the CPD in Dusseldorf. The economic crisis has not affected the company's work and knit these things brands as Hauber, Monari, Leo Guy, Ferrante, Passport, outerwear from famous brands Baronia, Milestone, Visconf, ConceptUK and elegant pants brands Michele, Anna Montana, Zerres, Toni Dress, Rosner always was and is sought after by their buyers. Following the trend of world fashion and focusing on the exquisite taste of successful women of 30 years, the company 'Angellik' offers stylish clothing, in a grid of size 34 to a size 58. Successful and effective development of the Company contribute to the dynamics of three factors: firstly, the presence of warehouse, opening the possibility of supply order business models in high volumes. Second, the company offers customized delivery methods, which significantly simplifies this process by making it convenient for both parties. And, finally, 'Angellik' provides an opportunity not only to order on-line via a special form on the site, but choose the best model for calculating the delivered product. The exhibition Collection Premiere Moscow, the opening of the 15th season of fashion trends, the Company 'Angellik' will act as an expert women's clothing secondary (and higher) class and will offer high-quality clothing by German, Italian and French brands.

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