Joo Peter

Posted by adminNY on February 13, 2019

This hurt at the beginning reached an inestimable amplitude of the college student, when all charged me approval and for this pressure I made my first test of recovery, but although at certain moment, I had asked to reason I liked them in such a way to me natural resources, as waterfalls, beaches, forests, etc., then I answered that it was important to preserve the nature reason we would also preserve our identity, but had not yet understood my reply and they had asked to which age the relation to me enters the preservation of the environment and my trips, were when I said that when approaching the natural aspects, related the valuation to me of the few still existing true things, this reason, if to observe well, we will perceive that we live in a world of lies and appearances. When completing of the fourteen years, a baita newness cheered our family, was born Joo Peter, my first brother biolgico.11. Chapter X – Joice if deviates for the corrupes of vidCresci treating the son to my father – Joice – as sister, however the time passed and it also started to be> influenced for friends. The last time that I remember to try to protect it, was when, the invitation of proper it, I was to attend a presentation of teatral of its group of the school, to the ending of the presentation, in the deep one of the school, its friends had convinced it to be with a boy playboyzinho of the city – unacceptable for me, since he was about the first time that it was with somebody -, completing it said still me before knowing that I knew that only he wanted for the sex, I tried to alert it more I preferred to believe it and the friends, after that one day never more I considered sister again, inthat school died a candy, meiga, honest, affectionate and ingenuous Joice and stoned a monster.


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