Latin America

Posted by adminNY on June 10, 2018

The first because evidence that like his ideological counterpart, never existed in practice. In retrospect, it is quite obvious that theoretical principles of capitalism were repeated and continuously violated by subsidies, quotas, tariffs, monopolies, manipulation of supply and demand, privilege, State intervention disguised as omnipresent corruption and other things. Contrary to what one might believe, and in a less obvious way, the losses of individuals were almost always socialized as happened in the socialist countries. Hope then that certified death of communism and capitalism will gradually have to open doors to logic, common sense and solidarity. Neoliberal policies in Latin America election results produced in these years in Latin America are a popular pronouncement by changes face an acute crisis that has been downloaded over millions of Latin Americans, who endured for nearly 30 years by the implementation of neo-liberal dogmas powered by EE UU and puppet in the region Governments. The triumphs of Evo Morales, Lula da Silva, Tabare Vasquez, Daniel Ortega, and of Rafael Correa in Ecuador and the significant votes received by political organizations such as the Polo Democratico in Colombia; We can, in Chile; Ollanta Humala in Peru; Lopez Obrador in Mexico, among others, are expressions of the longing for change that exists in peoples, and constitute a resounding rejection of neoliberalism. The changes produced in the region in which the nationalist, patriotic, democratic, positions that seek reforms in the majority of cases and between those who demand is profound and radical changes, constitutes a response to the failure of neoliberalism, to which our natural resources has been depredated and dependence that has led him to the Latin American peoples to live in extreme conditions of poverty are developedto live in one of the most unjust regions of the planet, where corruption is the hallmark of most Governments and is the hub of the profits of the transnational imperialists. .

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