Life Plans And Goals

Posted by adminNY on June 09, 2018

Today I will address the topic of life planning. You tell me: can we plan in life?, And I will answer, yes and needs to be done. I want to address the issue basing on the following premise: Begin the path with a misconception, a misconception can only take ……. to a wrong destination. Many people go through life disoriented not knowing where they go, out into the street and ask 10 people – how you think your life will be in 15 years? – I assure you that the vast majority will not know that answer. You read to me the question and answer yourself. You may want to defend himself by saying: "nobody knows what will happen between now and five years, will there be an earthquake, drop the capitalist system and democratic and be assaulted by a left-wing dictatorship in the style of Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez. But regardless of all these things, you can have a life plan.

Now, the immediate question is: What is a life plan and why have one? The life plan basically refers to two aspects, the first has to do with fate and the other is related to the road. By destination, I mean that you dream to become or have and the way all those things you do to get there. More info: NYC Marathon. And both the one and the other is of vital importance. Antonio living in very humble and with difficulty got to eat, has the legitimate right to want to improve their quality of life and can aspire to live in a better place with improved sanitation and no shortage of essential goods, a day Antonio sees around him and tired of this situation decides that will improve their life status. This is the first step, have the desire to make a change to the way I am today, as I want to be within x amount of time. The second step or aspect brings us to the planning, ie, what should I do to get where I want to be. Why is it important? because it is precisely this that gives meaning and direction to your life, you get up in the morning knowing why and to do what you do, then you understand that the studying the work on relate has a purpose, life becomes meaningful.

Another equally important aspect is related to the fact that knowing what you want allows you to put yourself small goals to achieve and you to go where you want to be approaching you, the register is very important goals because you can measure progress or progress toward the desired end knowing that everything that can be measured can be achieved. You should take time to think about what you want in life, the person you want to become, in the father you want to become, in the wife you want to become, in the profession you want to become, in health who wants to have at age 60, at home, in the car, in the style of life you want to have. It is very important to know what you want in life. Getting there is important, but above all get to where you wanted to go. He who knows not where you usually get to where they want to be. That love, peace, and friendship are the compass to lead you to your destination. Jose Noriega .

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