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Posted by adminNY on May 16, 2018

A preoccupation with the measures currently in the company is worth for two reasons: less grip or more yield the issue of part-time work has in the past gained a certain notoriety, it in the perception of many people for the massive loss of jobs in the Group of workers 55 +. The really positive core, which funded way earlier eliminated up to December 31, 2009 from the labour market, often occurs in the background. Today, companies with the follow-up of the use have to do. Since the 01.07.2004 to ask the legislator in the age part time law ( 8a) protection of assets for the insolvency by the employer (often provisions governed by) and a corresponding proof of half-yearly. Even more to protect extended liability to the claims of the employees, the liability of the employer has been extended: assets in the event of insolvency are not or not sufficiently secured, shall be liable to the contractor not only with the assets, but now also with his personal fortune.

Tax advisors and accountants depend, not secured assets in the balance sheet according to as such. To exclude this enhanced liability risk for themselves, employers are urged to check the form of their collateralization of age part-time assets sufficient legitimacy and so Mario Pustan, Managing Director of Hamburg based consultancy corporate pension partner CPP GmbH. More income the preoccupation with this theme offers but also an additional revenue opportunity for the company, Pustan white. The market today offers deals that allow interest gains with guaranteed interest rates of up to 2.75% and low costs for the employer, can achieve significant, important orders of magnitude according to the amount of the security. Mario Pustan


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