Margrit Kennedy

Posted by adminNY on July 24, 2017

Currently since 2006 the French group Leap2020 come anticipating a great Crisis worse to the of the 1930s with terrible consequences. They, with the anticipations that did for the 2008 obtained an effectiveness of the 87%, How made Gesell and the French group to predict with some accuracy the Crisis? Well, Silvio Gesell was beyond ideologies and deeply analyzed the problems of the economy and society, and discovered that the money has a design fault. 5000 Years ago the money was invented to facilitate the exchange of goods and services (real wealth), the design of the current money does not actually meet that goal, and rather provokes crises, inequality, poverty and above all the destruction of our planet. Unlike true wealth (which we produce with our minds and our hands), money has become an end, in the sole purpose, simply because the money such which is designed, not behaves like the real wealth, money does not rot like an Apple, not as a tire wears, not desactualiza as a computerno pasa fashionable as a dress. That behavior of money gives you too many advantages over any good or service, us obnubilamos by a role which simply represents the action of an exchange of goods and services. That supremacy of the money on real wealth makes even put will cost so that you can continue to help in the exchange of goods and services, this cost we call it interest rate, and here’s why predicting a crisis is not so difficult. And prior to prove it, we first remember that all religions banned the interest, it was considered as USURY, high or low interest is considered as USURY. Everything is due to inherent interest rate growth is exponential, already famous banker said Rothschild compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world!.

The money placed at interest grows in the hands of its possessor exponentially, i.e. grows depending on the growth of the previous year, Margrit Kennedy money expert, says that growth is typical of cancer that afternoon or early will end up killing their host. Perpetual EXPONENTIAL growth contradicts the laws of nature, humans and nature do not We can grow at the same pace, we grow naturally, for example a tree as they pass the years grows 210 cm 220 cm 230 cm, etc and there comes a time that fails to grow, with a modest 10% exponential growth, the tree would have to grow 200 cm 220 cm 242 cm continue to infinity, the same thing happens with human beings, daily can run a number of kilometers and gradually grow, but always reach a certain limit. And behold the mystery. In the majority of countries particularly in the U.S., new money only goes into circulation through debt, i.e. the FED prints new notes and gives a bank to ensure that this through a loan puts money into the economy. I.e. the monetary system itself, it requires us to human beings and the nature the exponential growth, can obviously not sustain it that growth and in fact at some point must have a breaking point. The never-ending struggle by adjusting the Natural growth to perpetual exponential growth (see graph) is the reason why we plunder our forests, we invent machines that replaced many men, people have to work more than 8 hours a day, loss of values of many entrepreneurs at the expense of survive, etc. And if the new money enters trav

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